High Traffic, Low Maintenance: Why Artificial Turf Is the Best Choice for Busy Properties

Artificial turf in Laguna Niguel provides all of the benefits of a lush, evergreen lawn and then some! Installing synthetic grass creates a safe, clean environment that saves you thousands on maintenance costs and equipment.

Synthetic grass products are especially beneficial to high-traffic areas. These spaces demand higher levels of durability with the same luxury aesthetic. Artificial grass is the perfect solution for backyards and businesses with frequent foot traffic. 

Read on to learn how artificial grass in Orange County can transform your landscape!

Improve Sustainability

It takes vast resources to maintain a lawn of any size, especially during fierce California summers. Daily watering, fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides are costly and cause damage to the environment over time.

High-traffic areas, given that they experience more wear and need to maintain a certain aesthetic appeal, use more resources than low-traffic areas. However, you can enjoy the same verdant appearance without dumping tons of water onto your lawn.

Residential turf is engineered to present a thriving, freshly-grown lawn appearance without the daily watering required by natural grass landscapes. This helps you improve your water conservation and save up to 70 percent on water bills.

Noise Management

Heavier foot traffic means more people, which means more noise. A backyard barbeque is known for lively conversations and barrels of laughter. However, you may want to maintain a certain noise level out of courtesy to your neighbors. 

Artificial grass is a phenomenal insulator. It will soak up noise from guests and passing cars, fostering a quiet environment. This trait makes artificial turf products ideal for late-night neighborhood gatherings.

One significant way that synthetic turf eliminates intrusive noise is its low-maintenance design. There is no need to mow artificial grass. Say goodbye to boisterous lawnmowers that drive your family and neighbors wild.

Low-Maintenance Cleaning

Creating a space where several people can gather requires extensive maintenance. Not only do you need to mow your lawn regularly, but you also need to remove weeds and clean up after pet messes. Artificial grass eliminates the need for almost all of this hassle.

Advanced drainage systems reduce pet messes and prevent odors. Antimicrobial infill tackles any remaining bacteria to create a healthy environment. This technology is especially helpful to businesses that may want to avoid cleaning up after dog walkers.

All you need to do to keep a clean artificial grass lawn is rinse it down a few times a month. Presto! Your lawn will look as fresh as the day it was first installed.

Commercial Turf Advantages

Commercial turf is the perfect solution for business owners looking to elevate their storefronts to attract new customers. It provides a luxury facade without the hassle or cost of maintenance. This is an efficient method to reduce overhead and widen margins.

Popular businesses experience elevated foot traffic. This is great for sales but not for your lawn. It can result in a dampened, scuffed-up landscape that requires regular maintenance to stay fresh and appealing.

Commercial turf products are engineered with robust backings that hold turf fibers in place throughout the day. Every customer, from first to last, will enjoy the same pristine landscape upon entering your establishment.

Get Premium Synthetic Grass in Orange County

OC Turf & Putting Greens is the trusted provider of synthetic grass in Laguna Niguel. Our dedicated staff exemplifies the ideal of customer service, offering market-leading turf products alongside fast and easy installations.

Our services include playground turf, backyard putting greens, pet turf, and high-quality residential turf. We back each job with an 8-year manufacturer warranty that guarantees long-lasting satisfaction. Whatever your landscape vision is, we can bring it to life!

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4 Creative Pet Turf Uses Your Dog Is Sure To Love

Synthetic grass is an emerging trend for dog owners looking to create a pet-friendly landscape in Orange County. Pet turf is engineered to be comfortable for dogs while minimizing maintenance stress on owners.

Artificial grass products address the concerns and needs of pet owners with advanced technology like drainage systems and durable construction. Owning a dog doesn’t have to come at the cost of a beautiful lawn. Robust backings hold turf fibers in place during playtime.

There are exciting ways to style your synthetic grass landscape. Sure, you could just throw it down and create a flat yard, but why not try something different?

Read on for creative ways to use artificial turf in Laguna Niguel to treat your furry friend to the dog park of their dreams!

A Designated Bathroom Area

The first concern for dog owners is maintaining a clean lawn. Your home landscape is more than your dog’s play area; it’s their bathroom, too. When not properly cleaned, this can result in a less-than-pleasant outdoor space.

Artificial pet turf offers an elegant solution to this common problem. Advanced drainage systems eliminate pet messes, prevent odors, and foster a healthier landscape. Add antimicrobial infill to remove any lingering bacteria.

Install synthetic grass in a specific area of your lawn to give your dog a designated “potty pad” where they can do their business without making the rest of your lawn unpleasant. Not only does this result in a cleaner lawn, but it also saves you time.

A cleaner lawn means more space for your family and neighbors to enjoy alongside your four-legged friends!

A Private Dog Park

Dogs need space to run, roam, and soak in the sun. They can’t spend all their time outdoors, but they won’t be happy outside if your lawn is scorched or uncomfortable. Enter pet turf!

Synthetic grass products provide a gentle, life-like texture that dogs can frolic through with glee! It’s engineered with UV resistance and doesn’t require daily watering or maintenance to keep its lush colors and gentle feel.

Artificial turf in Orange County is beneficial, as the intense summer heat can scar ordinary lawns with burnt patches of yellow grass. Artificial turf withstands the Orange County heat without deteriorating in quality.

Durable backings optimized by pull-resistance prevent damage during daily use, so your dogs can run, romp, and play without ripping up your artificial grass lawn. It’s the perfect tool to create a durable dog park right in your backyard!

Pet-Turf Optimized Patios

One advantage of synthetic grass is that it can be installed almost anywhere! While pups enjoy laying in the backyard, they may prefer to lounge closer to you while you’re enjoying mimosas or burgers on the patio.

You could install an outdoor doggy bed, but why not get more creative with pet-friendly turf? Install synthetic grass patches on your patio where your dog can nestle while you unwind at the table. They’ll feel more at home on a patch of pet turf than on a fraying doggy bed.

Not only does this design choice provide a more comfortable space for your dog, but it also creates a more dynamic patio aesthetic. Visitors will marvel at the creativity!

Pet Turf for Pools

Elevate your poolscape with artificial pet turf. The vivid green hues of synthetic grass are a natural complement to the cool blue hues of your pool water. You’ll feel like you’ve left your home and stepped into paradise!

Surround your poolscape with residential turf to simultaneously protect your pets and home aesthetic. The hard surfaces around your pool are uncomfortable for dogs, and their claws may scratch the surface, leaving marks.

Drainage systems in artificial turf prevent puddles from collecting during splash-tastic pool time, reducing the possibility of slipping. They also improve airflow, cooling artificial turf to create a cozy surface for your dogs to lay on.

Pet turf products are an obvious addition to a backyard pool for families with four-legged friends.

High-Quality Artificial Turf in Orange County

OC Turf & Putting Greens brings market-leading products and exemplary customer service to Orange County residents and homeowners. Our services include commercial turf, playground turf, and backyard putting greens.

Since 2004, we’ve been the No. 1 choice for artificial grass in Laguna Niguel, providing unparalleled craftsmanship and insightful guidance. No matter what you envision, OC Turf & Putting Greens can bring it to life.

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Here’s How Pet Turf Installations Can Help You Create a Pup Paradise

Dogs deserve the best that your home has to offer! That’s why we recommend installing artificial turf in Laguna Niguel. It’s not the only reason, though.

Pet-friendly turf is designed to give your dog the comfortable, clean space they deserve. It’s also engineered to make the lives of pet owners easier through advanced technology that reduces maintenance, pests, and potential injuries.

Your dogs will love the life-like feel of synthetic grass installed with drainage grids that improve airflow for cooler, more comfortable summer days. This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding pet turf benefits in the greater Orange County area.

Read on to learn how artificial pet turf can transform life for you and your furry friends!

Create Designated Pet Spaces

When you think of installing synthetic turf, you may be overwhelmed by the thought of replacing your entire landscape with artificial grass. However, one of the many benefits of synthetic turf is its customizability.

Use artificial pet turf to set aside a specific area for your pet. The rich, natural hues of pet turf products seamlessly blend with natural grass, providing a designated pet area that won’t clash aesthetically with your home.

Using artificial grass to designate a “pet zone” gives your furry friend their own dog park while leaving the rest of your landscape to be cultivated to your aesthetic taste or used for fun landscaping alternatives like backyard putting greens.

Of course, the ultimate benefit is lower installation costs. There’s no need to pay a hefty price for the whole yard when you only need a nice plot for your pupper!

Potty Train Your Puppers

When it comes to potty training, artificial pet turf is a dog owner’s dream. Our pet turf systems are designed with advanced drainage systems that quickly eliminate pet messes, preventing unpleasant puddles and odors.

Combine the designated pet space strategy with artificial turf to create a “potty pad” for your dog. This way, you’ll improve their toilet training while keeping the rest of your landscape fresh and clean, as they only use this area to go to the bathroom.

Once they’re done, all you have to do to clean your pet turf is hose it down with a bit of water and —PRESTO! Your synthetic grass will look as fresh and clean as natural grass!

Save yourself the hassle and odors from pet messes in traditional lawns with artificial turf in Laguna Niguel. It’s cleaner and cheaper in the long run, as you won’t need any chemicals or equipment to keep synthetic turf pristine.

Benefits of Artificial Turf Infill

Infill adds an extra layer of quality to your pet-friendly turf landscape. Infill keeps synthetic turf fibers upright, giving your lawn a lush, fully-grown appearance. This improved ballast protects artificial grass from heavy foot traffic and intense weather.

The increased density caused by infill creates a more comfortable surface for your dog’s paw pads. They’ll feel right at home lounging in the soft turf fibers during warm summer days.

Adding antimicrobial infill boosts cleanliness by tackling any lingering bacteria following pet mess cleanup. This ensures the healthiest environment for the whole family, preventing your pets and children from getting sick.

Guard Your Yard with Weed Barriers

Muddy paws and unexpected holes in your yard are another part of owning a dog. However, synthetic turf can remove or minimize these issues for Orange County homeowners.

Installing artificial turf with a weed barrier prevents dogs from digging into the soil and causing a mess. On rainy days, this means no mud puddles and no muddy paws.

Certain weeds can be toxic for dogs, so installing a weed barrier will prevent these harmful plants from growing in your yard. It will also minimize the amount of pollen in your environment, reducing allergy irritation in pets and pet owners alike!

Pet and Pet-Owner-Friendly Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass is the key to creating a landscape that the whole family will enjoy—furry family members included. It offers a comfortable, life-like texture that is soft on paws yet durable enough to withstand vigorous play times.

OC Turf & Putting Greens offers premium pet turf products for Orange County homeowners looking to transform their landscapes. We also provide playground turf and backyard putting greens. Dogs aren’t the only ones who should enjoy backyard playtime!

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Make Allergies a Thing of the Past with Synthetic Grass Installations

Time spent outdoors is one of the great joys of the spring and summer. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when allergies cause significant discomfort. Instead of seeking costly allergy medications and other solutions, consider artificial turf in Laguna Niguel.

Synthetic grass products are engineered to minimize allergens in your home environment. By combating the source of your discomfort—allergens including pollen or mold—you’ll more reliably eliminate the problem.

Learn how synthetic turf installation can eliminate allergens for your family in Orange County by exploring our guide below.

Eliminate Common Allergens

Artificial turf is engineered to reduce the presence of allergens in several ways. It is hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t cause allergic reactions due to its materials, unlike natural grass, which contributes to the pollen in your landscape.

Given their slick and dense construction, artificial turf fibers make it difficult for pollen to cling to their surfaces. Instead, allergens like pollen trickle down to the soil below, reducing the likelihood that you or your family will be exposed to them.

Residential turf features drainage systems that prevent water buildup following rain storms. This reduces the likelihood of allergy-causing mold from growing in your landscape. Artificial turf also prevents weeds from growing, further reducing pollen-based allergens. 

When you install artificial turf in Laguna Niguel, you massively reduce allergens in your environment. What’s more, you’ll save money on traditional allergy prevention methods.

Reduce Irritation from Lawn Care

Even small amounts of pollen can become a problem due to lawn care. Mowing, weeding, and other activities kick up the pollen that lingers on your grass, vigorously exposing you to its irritating effects. Fortunately, you can enjoy a well-manicured lawn without exposure.

Synthetic grass doesn’t require mowing to keep an ideal length or daily watering to retain a vivid, evergreen hue. You’ll save yourself the allergies and the cost of the equipment, fuel, and chemicals traditionally used for lawn care.

While small amounts of garden pollen may rest on synthetic grass fibers, removing the need to mow will keep it tucked away between the blades—if it can’t reach you, it can’t bother you!

A Safe Place for Everyone

Artificial turf in Laguna Niguel protects your children and pets from allergy irritation. These troublesome symptoms include inflamed skin and clogged sinuses. Persistent itching to alleviate discomfort causes additional issues.

Our pet-friendly turf reduces allergens, creating a comfortable and clean space for dogs to romp and run around. Advanced drainage systems improve cleanliness for pets and children by removing pet messes and preventing odors.

Children are vulnerable to allergens as well. Give them a safe space of their own with our playground turf products. It protects against allergen-based irritation as well as injuries from adventurous playtimes.

Synthetic grass installation is the best way to guarantee maximum comfort for the whole family. OC Turf & Putting Greens has the premium hypoallergenic artificial turf and installation expertise to create a lush and allergy-free landscape.

Long-Lasting Comfort with Artificial Turf Installation

Make the most of pleasant summer days with an artificial turf landscape in Laguna Niguel that reduces common allergens. Our market-leading turf products remain pristine for over a decade, maximizing your enjoyment for countless summers.

OC Turf & Putting Greens provides the broader Orange County communities with vibrant, long-lasting turf products and installations. We offer luxurious residential turf, pet turf, and putting greens that empower you to realize your dream landscape.

We support every synthetic turf installation with a 15-year warranty, guaranteeing long-lasting quality for your whole family. After a few years, you’ll forget you even have allergies!

Call us today at 888-526-2289 or contact us online for a free quote.

Keep Your Furry Friend Happy: What to Consider When Choosing Pet Turf

Creating a comfortable paradise for your pets requires careful design. You should put just as much care into your lawn as your living room. While natural grass has some advantages, pet owners can find it challenging to maintain.

Pet messes, bacteria and harmful chemicals used to maintain natural lawns can cause harm to curious pets who like to sniff around. In contrast, synthetic turf in Laguna Niguel requires minimal maintenance and is engineered to provide a clean landscape.

If you install pet turf for your home, it’s essential to understand the subtle differences between various turf products. As with living room furnishings, the details make the difference.

Read on to learn how to design the perfect pet turf landscape for furry family members!

Recommended Pile Height

Pile height simply means the height of synthetic grass blades. This detail is crucial because it dictates the durability and longevity of your artificial turf landscape

The recommended pile height depends on the material of your synthetic grass. Polyethylene and polypropylene wear faster with a greater pile height, so a length between 22mm and 30mm is recommended.

Nylon is the most durable material for synthetic turf, so it can survive with a greater pile height. You can choose a length between 22mm and 35mm, providing a more lush appearance. It will hold up better against the enthusiastic use of your dog, too.

OC Turf & Putting Greens offers premium pet turf manufactured from polyethylene and engineered with UV protection and weather-resistant technology.

Recommended Pile Density

The next question to tackle is pile density. This is how thick synthetic turf products look and feel, which is especially significant to your pet’s sensitive paws.

When it comes to pets, the thicker, the better — up to an obvious point. A thick pile density provides a gentle, cushioned landscape where your pet can play, roam and lounge during the hot summer months.

A pile density between 16,000 and 18,000 stitches per square meter should provide the desired cushioning to protect your pet’s little paw pads. It will also give your lawn a verdant, freshly grown appeal in Orange County.

Recommended Fiber Material

When choosing a suitable material for your pet turf, you must balance durability and gentle construction. Nylon is the hardest-wearing turf product, but it may need more flexibility to create a comfortable landscape.

Polyethylene has the best of both worlds, especially with the right pile height and density. It is a durable material that withstands years of rough playtime with the pups while being gentle enough on their paws.

OC Turf & Putting Greens has quality pet turf manufactured from premium polyethylene for your home landscape. 

Other Important Considerations

There are several other considerations we recommend. Obviously, you’ll want to know where your turf products were manufactured to ensure they’re held to the highway safety and manufacturing standards.

Pay close attention to safety tests and certifications to prevent installing artificial grass with lead, as has happened on previous occasions. OC Turf & Putting Greens are careful to install only turf made from safe materials to reduce risks from lead and microplastics.

Further information can be sourced from OC Turf & Putting Greens’ professionals. Simply contact us by phone or online; we’ll gladly provide all the information you need.

Your Pets Deserve the Best Synthetic Turf

Creating the perfect landscape for your pets is all about the details. Deciding on the right pile height, density and turf material will lay the groundwork for a successful synthetic grass installation. Once your pet turf is in place, all you have to worry about is having fun.

OC Turf & Putting Greens offers industry-leading pet turf to Laguna Niguel pet owners. Give your pet the landscape they deserve by calling us today at 888-526-2289 or contacting us online for a free quote.

4 New Year’s Resolutions Made Easier With Artificial Turf

The New Year is here! As you declare your resolutions for 2024, consider how best to support them. Creating the right environment is often the best way to guarantee you’ll accomplish your meaningful New Year goals. 

Artificial Turf in Laguna Niguel is a cost-effective method for supporting various resolutions, from stress reduction to fitness goals. Its low-maintenance quality means you’ll save time on landscape care, giving you more time to achieve your ambitions.

Read on to learn how premium synthetic grass creates the ideal environment for realizing your loftiest New Year’s Resolutions.

Reduce Stress

Stress significantly impacts health and overall life satisfaction. The key to improving your health in 2024 is reducing unnecessary stress. Artificial turf in Orange County reduces stress by giving you a safe and comfortable environment to recharge.

Eliminating the need for maintenance means you spend less time doing stressful activities like mowing, weeding and watering your lawn. These activities take away from your summer fun and can lead to injuries, increasing physical and mental stress.

Synthetic turf products create a peaceful landscape that requires no stressful activity to keep it pristine. Synthetic turf is your ticket to peace of mind in 2024!

Get Active

A standard resolution revolves around improving fitness. If you want to get active in the New Year, an artificial turf landscape is the best way to support this healthy habit. 

Traditional grass lawns can be slippery and uneven, with unexpected holes and ditches, making outdoor workouts a challenge. On the other hand, artificial sports turf features an even surface that supports maximum traction.

Drainage systems and moisture-resistant material prevent your lawn from becoming slippery or muddy, allowing you to maximize outdoor workouts. Underpadding can be installed to add extra shock absorption, reducing injuries.

Keep yourself motivated with fun outdoor workouts supported by quality artificial turf products!

Start a New Hobby

Discover a new passion in 2024 by starting a new hobby. Tons of accessible, easy-to-start hobbies can be done right at home, including tennis, gardening and more. Indulge in these habits without the hassle of maintenance costs or pests when you install synthetic turf.

Creator a dazzling turf landscape to inspire your photography or a zen garden paradise where you can practice your stretches and breathing techniques. It’s all possible with artificial turf installation!

One popular hobby is golfing. Set up a backyard putting green using artificial grass installed by turf professionals. Design your ideal course, position the holes, set up flags and enjoy years of reliable gameplay on a smooth surface.

Your potential is limitless when you install synthetic turf in your Orange County backyard.

Save Money

As the new year begins, we’re all examining our finances to see how we can save more this year. An unexpected but straightforward strategy for saving BIG this year and the next is synthetic grass in Orange County.

An artificial turf landscape doesn’t require daily watering, allowing you to cut down on monthly water expenses drastically. It eliminates the need for regular weeding and pesticide application, saving you money on equipment. Artificial turf lasts 10-15 years, meaning you’ll enjoy these savings well into the next decade.

The best part is that your lawn will look better than ever! Synthetic turf looks bright and evergreen regardless of maintenance and is designed to withstand hot California summers. It’s the luxury of a pristine lawn without the cost.

New Year, New Turf

Creating a new environment is the best way to support your 2024 resolutions. Whether you’re looking for artificial turf landscapes, pet turf, playground turf or durable sports turf, OC Turf & Putting Greens has the industry-leading products you need.

Call us today at 888-526-2289 or contact us online for a free estimate.

3 Reasons Artificial Grass Installation is the Best Choice for Reducing Playground Injuries

Playtime is the best time, and playgrounds offer a unique opportunity for kids to exercise their bodies and imaginations. Unfortunately, playgrounds are also an opportunity for injuries due to slips and falls, which turn the fun into a parental nightmare.

Create a safer playspace with artificial turf in Laguna Niguel. Due to its unique construction, this natural grass alternative protects your little ones while they romp around their imaginary worlds; OC Turf & Putting Greens has the quality, kid-friendly turf and expertise to accomplish this.

Read on to learn how synthetic grass reduces playground injuries!

Reduce Slips and Falls

Outdoor playgrounds are a childhood favorite, but their exposure to the elements leaves them vulnerable to rain. Poorly designed flooring or rubber mats can become slippery, increasing the likelihood of falls. Heavy rains cause puddle build-up, increasing fall risks and creating problems for parents.

Playground turf is specially designed with a porous backing that efficiently drains rainwater and other materials. This system reduces slippage and eliminates puddles. You can increase traction and safety by combining artificial grass with quality infill. 

As an added benefit, artificial grass reduces mud puddle build-up, decreasing the laundry you’ll have to do after playtime.  

Protective Underpadding

It’s the impact, not the fall, that causes an injury. OC Turf & Putting Greens’ playground turf products utilize a protective underpadding. Even if your little ones happen to fall, the likelihood of an injury resulting is significantly reduced.

Synthetic turf underpadding has improved shock absorption compared to traditional playground surfaces like sand, rubber, mulch and pavement. While these materials range in effectiveness, they can all cause injuries to elbows and knees after a fall.

It’s easier to spot harmful debris in artificial turf, too. These dangerous materials often hide among wood chips and mulch, but the color contrast due to synthetic turf’s evergreen color makes identifying debris easy. This is yet another cause of fall injury that artificial grass eliminates.

Increased Safety with Proper Installation

The final step in securing a safe play space for your child is professional synthetic turf installation. Properly installed turf creates an even surface across which your child can run without the risk of tripping over insecure corners.

OC Turf & Putting Greens is a team of expert artificial turf installers who provide fast and friendly services to Orange County and Laguna Niguel residents. We ensure every corner is laid flat and secure, so there’s no slippage, dips or raised edges.

When synthetic playground turf is correctly installed with underpadding, the result is a safe playspace for your child to push their play to the limit.  

More Fun, Fewer Injuries

You don’t want to hold your kids back while they play, but you also want to ensure they’re safe. Artificial turf installation in Laguna Niguel is the middle-ground you need. Synthetic grass reduces slippage with efficient drainage systems and softens the falls that occur when installed with underpadding.

OC Turf & Putting Greens can transform playtime for you and your child with expert playground turf installation. Call us today at 888-526-2289 or contact us online to give your child a playground that matches their imagination

Here’s How Pet Turf Installation Creates a Paradise for Your Pup

To homeowners, their lawn is a place to sit, relax and bask in the beauty of their pristine landscape. To their dogs, however, a lawn is an extravagant space for play, exploration and—yes, going to the bathroom.

Artificial turf installation is the perfect way to create a paradise for your pets in Orange County. A comprehensive pet turf system creates a safe place for your furry friends to play while making clean-up easier for homeowners.

Read on to learn how to create the ideal landscape for your dogs using synthetic grass.

Create a Pet Zone

There’s no need to install synthetic turf throughout your entire yard just to accommodate your favorite pup. Give them a soft, cushioned space for playtime and relaxation by installing artificial grass in a designated area in your yard.

Pet turf is specially designed with a durable tuft bind that resists tears during vigorous playtime. The cushioned installation and a cooling infill create a comfortable space for your pet, especially during those hot Orange County summers.

Designating a space for your pet will ensure other areas of your landscape remain pristine and unbothered by your romping pups. 

Potty Train with Synthetic Turf

Potty training your pup is a common challenge for every dog owner. Synthetic grass can help by giving them a specific area outdoors to practice this skill. Artificial turf is bacteria and odor-free with an efficient drainage system that makes quick work of pet messes.

Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance following pet messes. Simply rinse your lawn with soap and water, a manageable task if the pet-friendly turf is limited to a specific area. Antimicrobial infill prevents further bacteria growth. 

Synthetic turf products help potty train your pets with specially designed construction that looks and feels like natural grass. Your dog won’t know the difference!  

Benefits of High-Quality Infill

Perfect your puppy paradise using high-quality infill, which adds ballast and boosts artificial grass pile heights for a lush appearance. Infill support has the added benefit of creating a softer surface for your dogs to pad around on.

Infill protects synthetic grass from damage, too. Intense weather, high foot traffic and the rowdiest pups won’t be able to damage your pristine lawn. Premium infill is the last step in realizing your dream landscape with artificial turf. 

Great for Dogs and Dog Owners

The unique construction of pet turf allows homeowners to create the perfect outdoor oasis for their furry friends. OC Turf & Putting Greens has high-quality turf products and expert installation to transform your landscape.

Dogs will love the natural feel and safe environment, while owners will appreciate the low-maintenance upkeep and clean landscape. Artificial turf is a win-win for dogs and dog owners alike. Call OC Turf & Putting Greens at 888-526-2289 or contact us online for premium pet turf installation in Laguna Niguel.

Pet Turf Can Keep Your Furry Friends Safer, Longer; Here’s How

Our furry friends are a core part of our family. Therefore, we want to ensure they have everything they need to live happy, healthy lives. Contrary to popular opinion, natural grass may not be best for our furry friends.

Improve the quality of your dog’s life with artificial turf that provides the comfort they deserve. In many ways, synthetic grass is a healthier alternative. They especially appeal to those living in hot climates like Orange County or Laguna Niguel.

Read on to discover the many benefits of pet turf. 

Soft on Their Paws

Exceptional hot days create a burning environment that hurts your little one’s paws. Desert climates like Orange County are particularly challenging, turning natural lawns into a ragged patch of uncomfortable terrain.

When dogs don’t have comfortable roaming space, they’re more likely to go to the bathroom indoors. Avoid this discomfort by installing artificial grass with the same delightful feel as natural grass. Cooling infills can be installed to prevent overheating on days of blazing sun.

Artificial turf provides your furry friend with a private backyard dog park.

No Harmful Chemicals or Allergies

Maintaining natural grass requires pesticides and chemicals that can harm unsuspecting dogs. Prevent this by installing artificial grass that requires no harmful chemicals to maintain its vivid, luxurious appearance.

Synthetic turf is always green, so there is no need to worry about yellowing or pesky weeds. It eliminates the need for fertilizers. Your dog can sniff freely without running into or consuming harmful chemicals.

Create the safest environment for your dog to play with pet-friendly turf. Stain-free turf and drainage systems reduce messes and the need for maintenance. Synthetic grass installation is a win-win for you and your furriest family member.

Pest Free

Artificial turf installation protects your dog from harmful ticks, fleas, and insects. Synthetic grass creates an uninhabitable environment for pests, reducing the likelihood of your dog encountering them during playtime.

Pests are more than an inconvenience. Dogs are susceptible to tick diseases, which can threaten their health, and bites aren’t always easy to see through their fur. The best way to protect them is by removing these pests entirely.

Save yourself the stress and a pricey trip to the vet by installing artificial turf in your yard. Ticks, fleas, and mosquitos will leave your home for more comfortable, natural yards.

Give Your Dog the Pet Park They Deserve

Create a picture-perfect dog park for your furry friend with OC Turf & Putting Greens. Our synthetic grass experts can work with you to design a safe and beautiful environment for the whole family. A variety of turf styles are available to suit your needs.

Artificial pet turf is safer and more comfortable for your dog than natural grass, which requires chemicals and pesticides to maintain its verdant appeal. Turf grass also reduces the likelihood of disease-spreading pests biting your dog and causing illness and injury.

Contact us today at 888-526-2289 or online to begin your synthetic turf installation. It’s the first step in creating the ideal space for your furry friends to grow and play.

How Can Landlords Save Money With Artificial Grass Installation

Attracting tenants is a crucial challenge for landlords looking to grow their business. An efficient and cost-effective method is to install artificial turf landscaping. Synthetic grass creates a picturesque, luxurious appearance that tenants will love.

The benefits of a synthetic turf installation go well beyond curb appeal. It can lower your maintenance costs, increase your margins and provide extra funds for improving different aspects of your property. Read on to learn more about these benefits and others.  

Perfect Appearance All Year

Residential lawns aren’t the only ones that can benefit from artificial grass. Commercial properties can boost their value and appeal. While natural grass withers during the colder months, synthetic turf maintains a freshly grown look no matter the season.

The pristine evergreen appearance of artificial grass is especially beneficial to landlords in hot climates, such as Orange County or South Bay. The heat saps natural lawns of their alluring color, leaving your property starved.

This vivid green appearance increases tenant satisfaction with your property while attracting new ones. It makes listing your property more manageable, too. There’s no need to wait for the right season to capture ideal images. 

Lower Maintenance and Costs

Remove the cost and hassle of regular watering, fertilizing and mowing. Artificial turf maintains its beautiful appearance without pricey resources or hours of work. You can use these savings to boost other areas of your property.

Lowered maintenance means lowered costs for landlords and tenants. Tenant satisfaction will increase as their utility bills decrease, improving tenant retention. That’s less time you have to spend looking for new renters. 

Pet Friendly

Synthetic turf installation provides unique opportunities to create property selling points. Pet-friendly turf will attract tenants with furry friends. Install a dedicated pet turf area to provide tenants with a pristine, stain-free dog playground.

Specially-designed artificial grass gives dogs everything they love without the hassle of excessive clean-ups and maintenance associated with natural grass. It’s especially appealing for residents of desert climates like Orange County who struggle to maintain natural lawns for their pups.

Synthetic grass provides fun landscaping potential with pet turf, playground turf and putting greens. These unique additions are a cost-effective way to boost property appeal.

A Great Investment for Landlords

Artificial turf provides several benefits for landlords looking to attract new renters. Their low-maintenance appearance offers a pristine, luxury environment all year. Hotter climates can benefit from sun-proof synthetic grass.

Save money and time on maintenance, boosting tenant satisfaction as their utility bills go down. This provides an impactful selling point for your property as tenants search for accessible deals. These benefits are compounded by functional and entertaining landscape options such as pet turf and putting greens.

If you’re ready to transform your property with artificial grass, call us at OC Turf & Putting Greens at 888-526-2289 or contact us online to start your installation today.