Four Innovative Ways To Modernize Your Landscaping with Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass technology has evolved tremendously – if you’re looking for ways to modernize and refresh your outdoor surfaces, don’t overlook this versatile material. Modern synthetic grass is remarkably similar in appearance to natural grass and can be customized to fit just about any outdoor space. 

We’ve compiled four of our favorite ways to incorporate sustainable, low-maintenance artificial turf into a modern landscaping design. From your pool to your rooftop, synthetic grass is an ideal way to create innovative outdoor spaces that are as functional and practical as they are beautiful.

1. Use Artificial Grass to Create Uniquely Beautiful Modern Designs

Artificial grass is easily cut and shaped to any desired shape, making it the perfect material for those itching to bring some creativity and uniqueness to their space. 

Whatever you envision for your residential or commercial property, synthetic grass is ideal for creating outdoor spaces that match your personal style.

2. Combine Synthetic Grass With Paving to Create Contrast

Because artificial grass is so customizable, it can easily be combined with concrete or paving. 

Both pavement and synthetic grass have their advantages – you no longer need to choose between the two! Design your dream outdoor space with areas for recreation, dining and anything else in your vision.  

3. Add a Pop of Green Around Your Pool

Most pools are surrounded by concrete – maybe you haven’t even considered any other design options for this part of your yard. 

The durability of artificial turf makes it a surprisingly fantastic fit for surrounding your pool. Synthetic grass can withstand heavy foot traffic and extra water, so you don’t have to worry about degradation. 

The synthetic grass’s pop of color refreshes your pool area in a way that dull, grey concrete can’t. The lush green look of artificial turf transforms your pool from the average backyard addition to a vacation getaway right outside your door.

4. Create an Urban Oasis by Adding Artificial Grass to Your Roof or Terrace

The benefits of artificial grass installation aren’t limited to those with sprawling lawns – synthetic turf can also transform your terrace or rooftop into a green oasis.

Artificial turf takes a dull, bare balcony and adds a stunning green surface underneath a garden or entertaining area. You’ll get the lush look of a garden right on your patio or rooftop without the hassle of maintaining natural grass in those areas. 

No matter your vision, OC Turf and Putting Greens has the expertise and artificial grass technology to bring it to life. We’re proud to serve Southern California with cutting-edge synthetic grass designs, all customizable to fit the needs of your unique outdoor spaces. We’ll transform your pathways, pool areas and rooftop with our impressive selection of cutting-edge artificial turf varieties, and we’re here to help every step of the way. Give us a call at (888) 526-2289, or contact us online to get started on your next landscaping project today.

Three Reasons Artificial Grass is the Perfect Drought-Tolerant Landscape

Living in a drought-ridden state like California can make landscaping challenging. Many opt for stones or succulents, but these options don’t have the look or the functionality of natural grass. 

Artificial grass installation gives you the best of both worlds; you’ll get the water-saving benefits of sustainable landscaping options without compromising on the space you have for outdoor activities. We’ve broken down our three favorite things that make synthetic grass the best drought-tolerant landscaping.

1. Synthetic Grass is Sustainable

Natural grass requires a lot of maintenance in any circumstances, but the amount of upkeep it needs is astronomical during a drought. Your natural grass not only mandates constant mowing and fertilizing with harmful chemicals but also requires an average of 60 gallons of water per day.

Because artificial grass is made from plastic, you can expect to save close to one-third of your household water usage. Depending on where you live, you may even be eligible for rebates for installing eco-friendly artificial grass. 

When you switch to synthetic grass, you’re making your home or business a more environmentally friendly place. As California’s drought continues, investing in greener materials is the most intelligent way to fortify your home for years.

2. Artificial Grass is Resistant to the Elements

When temperatures start to rise, natural grass begins to suffer. Natural grass isn’t meant for hotter, drier climates – that’s why it begins to dry out and turn brown during a drought.

Artificial grass is the best way to achieve the look and feel of natural grass in a desert climate. Modern artificial turf technology is made from UV-resistant materials, so your artificial grass won’t fade under the sun. Its synthetic nature means you don’t have to run up your water bill to keep it green during a drought. 

Your outdoor surfaces will maintain their soft and green appearance no matter the weather, so you can continue to enjoy your favorite recreational activities. This makes artificial grass a perfect solution for families with everything from backyard playground systems to putting greens.

3. Modern Synthetic Turf is Beautiful

Gone are the days when you could easily pick an artificial grass lawn out of a row. Today’s modern artificial turf is incredibly realistic.

In fact, in desert climates, the giveaway for synthetic turf will probably be that it actually looks better than the rest of the neighborhood. While your neighbors are spending their weekends mowing and weeding, trying to salvage their grass, your artificial grass lawn will stay lush and green with minimal maintenance. 

OC Turf and Putting Greens is proud to provide Southern California with the most advanced synthetic grass products available. We’re passionate about landscaping solutions that are as aesthetically beautiful as they are environmentally friendly, and we’d love to work with you on your next project. Give us a call today at (888) 526-2289, or fill out our online contact form and let OC Turf and Putting Greens transform your outdoor areas!


The Best Three Places to Install Artificial Grass – Besides Your Lawn

When considering different design options for your roof, balcony or patio, odds are you didn’t jump straight to artificial grass. Most associate synthetic grass installation with updating their backyards, but the unique functionality and stunning modern artificial grass designs make it a surprisingly fantastic way to revamp your home’s exterior areas. The minimal maintenance and realistic feel of synthetic turf are ideal for creating green oases all around – or on top of – your home. Here are our three favorite ways of using artificial grass beyond the front yard.

1. Artificial Grass Creates a Green Rooftop

Installing artificial grass on your roof is a brilliant way to make use of space so often overlooked. If you’ve got a flat roof, a contractor can easily install synthetic turf over the top to create a unique place for you and your household to enjoy. Synthetic turf installation on your roof gives you new ways to enjoy your home (rooftop parties, anyone?) but also helps insulate your home, making it more energy-efficient. Especially in urban areas without backyards, installing artificial grass on your roof is a great way to enjoy the sunshine.

2. Layer Your Balcony with Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass is cut to fit perfectly in any space to be easily installed on your balcony. It also creates a beautiful and easy-to-maintain surface underneath your outdoor plants or furniture and adds a pop of color to the outside of your home. Synthetic grass reduces the heat given off by concrete, so you can comfortably go barefoot when enjoying time out on your balcony. 

3. A Low-Maintenance Artificial Grass Porch

For places often used to entertain like your porch or patio, having design elements that are both visually beautiful and low-maintenance is crucial. Synthetic grass is simple to install on a balcony and mix with other features, like cement, to customize the design of your space. Artificial grass is easy to clean and works well with outdoor furniture, making it the perfect choice for entertaining your loved ones during cookouts and family celebrations.

Adding artificial grass to the exterior of your home is an easy way to make a big difference in the look and functionality of your residence. The sky is (literally) the limit when it comes to installing synthetic grass; it’s incredibly versatile and can be customized to fit just about any vision you have for your home. OC Turf and Putting Greens specializes in premier artificial grass for Orange County residents to enjoy for years to come. We combine durability and design, resulting in synthetic turf that looks and feels remarkably similar to natural grass while being much easier to maintain. For more information, contact us today at (888) 526-2289 or visit us online to experience the difference of OC Turf and Putting Greens. 

The Top 4 Different Types of Artificial Turf Blades

Southern California is being landscaped more and more with artificial grass, but you might not have even noticed. That’s because synthetic turf design has come a long way – OC Turf and Putting Greens’ artificial grass has functional benefits and a look and feel that is remarkably similar to natural grass. We use five major types of artificial grass blades so we can pinpoint the ideal synthetic turf solution for your particular landscaping needs. We’ve broken down the basic differences between blades below to give you a crash course in the excellent variety of design options for you to choose from at OC Turf and Putting Greens.

W-Shaped Blades

Our most popular artificial grass, the TigerTurf Diamond line, is made with intelligently-designed W-shaped blades. Ideal for those looking for incredibly durable synthetic grass for their outdoor surfaces, W-shaped blades spring back to their original shape after being bent by foot traffic. The strength of this blade design makes it perfect for high-traffic places like playgrounds and sports fields.

Omega-Shaped Blades

Omega-shaped blades are another excellent choice for durability. Omega synthetic grass fibers are strong enough to withstand regular foot traffic as well as the use of heavy equipment, while still having a soft feel and realistic appearance. Their durability makes omega-shaped turf blades an excellent choice for pet spaces, playgrounds and other high-traffic areas.

Diamond-Shaped Blades

Diamond-shaped blades are the ideal choice for those looking for the most realistic, soft-to-the-touch artificial grass for their outdoor surfaces. Perfect for lawns or landscapes that experience medium foot traffic, diamond-shaped blades are ideal for giving your home or business the lavish look of thriving natural grass. 

S-Shaped Blades

S-shaped blades are unique in their ability to limit the flattening of areas of your synthetic grass lawn due to foot traffic. Their unique shape not only gives them a soft texture but also allows them to resist compression from the continual walking and playing across the surface of your artificial grass. This makes the s-shape an excellent choice of blade shape for artificial turf installation in areas with medium to high levels of foot traffic.

You don’t research artificial grass blades for fun; you’re ensuring that you’re making a sound investment by choosing synthetic grass. OC Turf and Putting Greens guarantees that you get excellent synthetic grass that will benefit you and your family for years to come. Since the beginning of artificial grass’ use in residential areas, we’ve committed ourselves to providing and installing only the best for our friends in Southern California. To work with our team to find the ideal artificial turf solutions for your residence or business, contact us today at (888) 526-2289 or visit us online. We’d love to work with you!

4 Spring Problems That Are Solved by Artificial Turf

In the spring, everything blooms. People have the urge to get out and bask in the sun – whether it be during a walk or a beach day, spring is truly a time for being outside. 

More homeowners are thinking of getting artificial grass thanks to an increased desire to enjoy the spring climate. Not only does synthetic grass look great, but it can solve a lot of problems that come up in spring. 

The Downsides of Spring’s Unpredictable Weather

Spring is a great season, but it brings weather unpredictability—it can go from sunny to rainy in an instant. Rain is great for natural grass, but when it becomes too much, oversaturation may occur, leaving your yard with puddles and mud. Moreover, rainwater will collect in spots that are harder to dry or reach.

This can be a problem because it will cause further damage to plants, as excess water and mud can harm the root systems. For children in the early stages of their lives, this can be a dangerous hazard. 

You don’t need to worry about rain oversaturation with synthetic grass, especially during springtime. Artificial grass is equipped with adequate drainage to ensure no water will remain on the surface too long. 

The Growth of Weeds & the Spread of Pollen in the Air

Weeds are a significant problem during spring. These garden intruders thrive in moist, warm climates, and with so much rain in spring, the conditions could not be more ideal for these unwanted guests.

The thing about natural grass is that many things could grow in it, including weeds. Weeds aren’t a beautiful sight, and to get rid of them, you’ll need to do more landscaping than you want to. Just think about the time, money and effort that goes with it. 

Weeds bring in pollen, which is the main culprit behind seasonal allergies for many people. If you have people in the house who are allergic to pollen and weed, they might as well stay indoors. 

You never have to worry about removing weeds or even seasonal allergies with artificial grass. Most efficient synthetic grass products include weed barriers, which prevent the growth of weeds for many years to come. 

The Chore of Mowing an Overgrown Lawn

The sunlight brought by spring is a welcome sight, especially in your yard. As previously mentioned, rain also comes with spring; combined sun and rain may cause your grass to become overgrown. 

Managing overgrown natural grass is a chore—it’s time-consuming and really not the most enjoyable thing to do. You may not see it as a big problem, but it can be. A lawnmower uses a lot of gas, and each time you use it, you have to worry about the expenses to maintain your mower.

With synthetic grass, you never have to touch the lawnmower again and not worry about the overgrowth due to the synthetic fibers in them that don’t grow or fade. 

Natural Grass Becomes Welcoming to Insects and Pests

Insects and pests are a common problem in spring and one that you can’t underestimate. They come out to lay eggs, turning into more insects and pests. You don’t want them around your property.

With natural grass, you need to worry about chemicals to spray in your garden. These chemicals are more harmful than you think, so keeping them away from your family is crucial.

Artificial grass is an excellent choice because they’re free of organic materials and does not retain water, making it uninhabitable to insects and pests. You also won’t need to worry about insect repellents. 

Spring is a season that brings warmth and beauty; it’s a season where you want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, whether you want to spend a day at the park or enjoy a warm spring day on your lawn.

Synthetic grass can offer many benefits that natural grass can’t. It isn’t without its own maintenance, but there are many things artificial grass can do to help you enjoy spring to the fullest. OC Turf & Putting Greens has been in the synthetic grass industry since 2004. Since then, our products have grown and advanced, leading us to the most advanced synthetic grass products on the market. We believe in innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions. Get a quote today; contact us or call us at (888) 526-2289

5 Ways Artificial Grass Easily Adapts to Your Existing Landscaping

Have you ever considered artificial grass for your home? Did you think of it as an excellent option for difficult landscaping areas but not for your backyard or other parts of your property? Maybe you didn’t even consider it because you thought it was too expensive and would never look like natural grass. 

This is quite understandable – but with the proper knowledge about artificial grass and how easy it is to adapt to existing landscapes and environments, you might change your mind.

Improved Drainage with Uneven Slopes & Terrain Issues

It’s no surprise that your landscape has some hills and valleys. Most of the time, they’re part of the charm. Unfortunately, maintaining these areas can be a headache as uneven terrain can cause drainage issues. 

Although slopes can help water run off your natural grass, it won’t be seamless. The water will likely have residues from pesticides and fertilizers that can harm flora and fauna, streams and rivers, and other water systems. 

Synthetic grass solves this problem with superior drainage, regardless of the terrain. Any moisture will be eliminated, and you never have to worry about erosion control. 

Enjoy the Shade with Synthetic Grass

Landscapes in densely-populated areas are usually not void of a few trees. With leaves shedding, trees growing and being trimmed, and shifts in the sun’s position, you can’t always count on your outdoor area getting enough sunlight.

If your trees cause your outdoor area to be shaded, you won’t be getting the effects of natural grass. This means your grass will suffer, and you won’t be able to reap the benefits of a green, healthy lawn.

With synthetic grass, there’s no need for you to get rid of the trees you love. Artificial grass will never grow, meaning that your trees can provide as much shade as they want without your lawn experiencing patches or uneven growth.

Artificial Grass is Resistant to Conifers & Other Irritants

Conifers are beautiful additions to your yard, but they can negatively affect your lawn. These irritants create a thick layer of needles on the ground and can even stunt the growth of your natural grass.

You’ll also need to be careful that they don’t fall into the soil as conifer needles are highly acidic; water becomes alkaline as the ground is acidified. This can affect the pH of your grass and cause it to die. 

Synthetic grass solves this problem because you can have your lawn under these evergreen trees and shrubs without worrying about acidity. Artificial grass is resistant to high or low pH levels on the ground. Unlike natural grass, it can survive on acidic soil, so your yard will remain green year-round.

Artificial Turf Cools off on Hardscapes

Hardscapes are surfaces like concrete and brick that can be a problem for your landscape. They absorb heat, which can be problematic for your natural grass. There needs to be a balance of heat and cold, but this balance can be skewed with hardscapes.

Synthetic grass is an excellent solution because its design allows it to cool off quickly, which means that your yard will be comfortable to walk on even on the hottest days. Artificial grass allows water to pass through easily, so you won’t have any drainage issues.

Spruce up Areas Outside of Your Yard

For natural grass to grow, you need soil. However, some areas in your landscaping can’t accommodate soil. Synthetic grass solves this issue because it can be installed anywhere. Artificial grass can transform a dull deck into something more welcoming. 

Synthetic turf can brighten up a sidewalk, a patio, a balcony or even a rooftop. Artificial grass is lightweight and can be installed on a concrete or asphalt surface. Synthetic grass can even be used on a pool deck to create a summer oasis.

With these ideas and more, you can see that synthetic grass is a great option to improve your outdoor living spaces and adapt to existing landscapes. It’s a versatile and environmentally-friendly choice that can also be functional, adding beauty and value to your home.

OC Turf & Putting Greens has been in the synthetic grass industry since 2004. Since then, our products have grown and advanced, leading us to the most advanced synthetic grass products on the market. We believe in innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions. Get a quote today; contact us or call us at (888) 526-2289

4 Interesting Facts Most People Don’t Know about Artificial Turf

Artificial grass has been used for various applications that include commercial and residential landscaping, golf courses, playgrounds, nature trails, athletic fields, equestrian centers, jails and even nuclear facilities. Interestingly, despite it being around for years, there are a few facts that many people don’t know about. 

1. Artificial Grass is Over 50 Years Old

Artificial grass has been around for about five decades. However, it wasn’t until the mid-1960s that the first product was developed. 

Over the years, the synthetic grass industry has grown tremendously. In the early days of the industry, synthetic grass was more expensive, flammable, and susceptible to moisture. However, technological developments in the industry have overcome these limitations, making synthetic grass one of the most sought-after products today.

2. Synthetic Grass is Not Harmful to the Environment

Compared to its natural counterparts, synthetic grass is a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly product. Using synthetic grass eliminates the fuel needed to mow, fertilize and water natural grass lawns. It also reduces water consumption, fertilizer and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40 percent while offering an anti-erosion solution that natural grass can’t. Because it doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers, it doesn’t deplete the water table or pollute the environment.

3. Synthetic Turf Won’t Fade for a Long Time

The synthetic fibers used in fake grass are resistant to fading. The color of the artificial grass does not fade or change with exposure to the elements. If you have ever noticed that the color of your natural grass changes from time to time, you will be happy to learn that artificial grass remains the same color.

4. Artificial Turf is More Comfortable

Synthetic grass is soft and plush, making it feel more comfortable than natural grass. It is highly flexible, thanks to the fact that it doesn’t have to deal with things like sunlight, ice and rain.

We all like to think that the grass is greener on the other side, but the truth is that even though natural grass is beautiful, it is tough to maintain. You have to do a lot of work to keep it looking great, and you get to spend a lot of time in the sun to keep it looking fresh. On the other hand, artificial grass is easy to maintain, and you won’t have to spend hours to keep it looking great. OC Turf & Putting Greens offers high-quality artificial turf products and artificial grass installation services for residential and commercial use. We have been in the industry since 2004, and we are the premier installer of synthetic turf in Orange County. Call us today at (888) 526-2289 to get a quote!

The Best Guide to Purchasing Synthetic Grass Putting Greens

If you want to understand the process of purchasing synthetic grass putting greens, there are a lot of details that need to be considered. There’s more to it than simply buying a roll of synthetic grass and hoping for the best. You need a guide that helps you understand what you’re getting into before starting your project. Let’s go over some of the things you should know.

Natural Grass vs. Synthetic Grass for Putting Greens

First, you should learn whether it makes more sense to use natural grass or artificial grass for putting greens, as there are pros and cons to both of these options.

Natural grass is more expensive, but it tends to have a more realistic look on a golf course. On the other hand, today’s artificial grass looks and feels like natural grass as well. What’s even better is that it can be molded in various shapes and can be used just about anywhere. Finally, natural grass needs to be mowed, watered and cared for, but artificial grass does not, saving you time and money on required maintenance. If you think about it, you’ll get better results with a synthetic grass putting green. 

Durability of Synthetic Turf

This is a huge factor to consider when choosing a synthetic turf putting green while still enjoying the benefits of artificial grass putting green installation. Cheaper putting mats are not meant for heavy use; you’ll need something sturdier to stand up to the constant use, such as a synthetic grass putting green.

Most reputable companies will offer a few options for different applications. You should consider things like:

  • Will the putting green be used only by adults?
  • Will children be allowed to play on it?
  • Will adults and children use the putting green at the same time?
  • Will there be adults using it regularly, or will it be used only occasionally?

Synthetic Turf Customization

Some companies will offer various levels of customization for their artificial grass putting greens. The more custom options you have available, the more your putting green will resemble the look and feel of a natural grass putting green. Additionally, more options allow you to create a more functional synthetic grass putting green that suits your specific needs.

Look & Feel of Artificial Turf

One of the reasons synthetic turf putting greens are so popular is because they look and feel very realistic. This realistic surface is great for social gatherings, providing a little friendly competition, and honing your putting skills.

Keep in mind that a higher-quality artificial turf will feel softer, and lower-quality synthetic turf will feel stiff. The edge of the putting surface may have a “spring” like a natural grass putting green, which is great for beginners and give a more realistic look.

Synthetic turf putting greens can be installed in various areas, and some of them can be used all year long. When you purchase a synthetic turf putting green, you’re investing in artificial turf that will last for years and bring you loads of enjoyment. OC Turf & Putting Greens offers high-quality artificial turf products and artificial grass installation services for residential and commercial use. We have been in the industry since 2004, and we are the premier installer of synthetic grass in Orange County. Call us today at (888) 526-2289 to get a quote!

Reasons Why Synthetic Grass Is Perfect for Your Hotel or Vacation Rental

There are many different ways for those who run a hotel or own a vacation rental to improve their property and attract more people. One of the most effective methods for accomplishing this is adding synthetic grass.

Artificial grass is the perfect surface for hotels and vacation rentals; synthetic turf provides both visual and functional benefits that will make your property a leading destination. 

Synthetic Grass Brings down Maintenance and Costs

Synthetic turf requires little maintenance to preserve its beautiful appearance and high-level performance. Maintenance activities that demand extensive time and commitment like regular watering, mowing and fertilizing are not needed with synthetic grass. This means that time and focus can be spent elsewhere instead of on maintenance.  

Reduced maintenance also allows hotel and vacation rental owners to save costs. Utility bills can be expensive with natural grass surfaces due to high water usage. This isn’t the case with artificial turf, a surface that requires much less water usage and maintenance. 

Leave a Memorable First Impression with Artificial Turf

First impressions play a significant role in shaping guests’ opinions of your property. Ensure a great first impression by adding artificial grass to your hotel or vacation rental.

Your artificial turf’s stunning appearance will be a memorable sight and experience for any guest that stays at your property.

Boost Your Property’s Value with Artificial Turf

Synthetic grass can add value and financially benefit your property in several ways. Synthetic turf is built to last, meaning that you’re investing in a landscape that will last your hotel or vacation property for decades to come. 

Artificial grass’ beauty and effectiveness as a surface will also entice more people to stay at your property, allowing for increased revenue. 

Keep Your Property Clean

It can be tough to maintain a clean environment with surfaces like natural grass. Cold weather seasons can turn natural grass into a muddy mess, which guests can easily track into other areas of your property.   

Hotel and vacation rental owners can promote greater cleanliness with artificial grass. Artificial grass is a clean, low-maintenance surface that stays clean thanks to a lack of soil and its hygienic properties.

Give your hotel or vacation rental a boost by implementing synthetic grass. At OC Turf & Putting Greens, you can find an extensive lineup of world-class synthetic grass products that will fulfill any need you may have. Along with excellent products, we also provide expert help to Laguna Niguel, Orange County, and South Bay residents implementing artificial turf anywhere throughout their properties. This work ensures that our customers receive a complete client experience that features fantastic products, affordable prices and friendly customer service. Our quality services are why communities are comfortable turning to OC Turf & Putting Greens for their synthetic grass needs. For more information about what we can do for you, give us a call at (888) 526-2289 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

Choosing the Best Artificial Grass for Your Backyard Putting Green

With so many artificial grass putting green options available, it can be challenging for property owners to find the right product that works best for their home. This is especially true for those inexperienced in artificial turf who don’t know what to look for.

Fortunately, the process of selecting a synthetic turf putting green isn’t too difficult. The best artificial grass putting greens share specific characteristics that help ensure a fun and fulfilling playing experience for golfers.

Pile Density Capable of Handling it All

Pile density should be a significant factor when considering artificial putting green options. Property owners will want a product with a denser pile because it allows the surface to be more resilient and capable of enduring heavy use. 

Dense piles also help backyard putting greens replicate the ball roll speed found on actual golf courses. Sparse piles are less ideal because of flattening, creating unrealistic ball rolls.

Pile Direction That Provides a Realistic Playing Experience

Along with pile density, another thing that can influence ball roll speed is pile direction. Every artificial turf product has a pile direction, the direction in which their fibers lean.

Golfers who want a realistic, course-like experience with their putting green will seek a synthetic grass product with minimal pile direction. Too much pile direction can cause unrealistic ball roll speed, which will frustrate golfers and affect their game. 

The Best-Looking Artificial Grass Putting Greens for Your Home

The best artificial grass putting greens don’t just perform well, they also look great. High-quality artificial turf products, like those offered at OC Turf & Putting Greens, have a stunning aesthetic and closely resemble what you find at a professional golf course. 

When considering the appearance of your artificial grass options, look for a product that looks realistic and complements your property’s aesthetic. 

Do all of your synthetic grass shopping at OC Turf & Putting Greens. We offer a wide selection of exceptional synthetic turf products like our artificial putting greens. Besides fantastic products, we also deliver expert help to Laguna Niguel, Orange County and South Bay residents on implementing artificial turf in their yards and throughout their properties. The exhaustive work we do to benefit our customers with stellar products, affordable prices, and friendly customer service is why communities turn to OC Turf & Putting Greens when they have synthetic grass needs. For more information about what we can do for you, give us a call at (888) 526-2289 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.