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Keep Pests Away This Summer with Synthetic Turf

The summer season can be a fun time for all. From relaxing under the sun to family barbecues, there’s no shortage of entertaining outdoor activities that this time of year brings. What’s not fun is the abundance of bothersome bugs that seem to thrive during this season. If you’re someone who just can’t stop running […]

4 Ways to Utilize Pet Turf in Your Commercial Properties

If you’re an owner of a commercial property with a heavy pet presence, implementing artificial pet turf is a decision that you should consider making. This is because of the many benefits that it can bring to your business. Not only will it help improve your property visually, but it will also entice more clients […]

4 Things to Consider Before Installing Pet Turf

Those who own pets are always looking out for what’s best for their furry companion. That’s why pet owners who are thinking about implementing pet-friendly artificial turf should explore all of their options and do the necessary research prior to making any decisions. Being informed about what to look out for when selecting pet turf […]

Artificial Turf vs Concrete: Which Should You Choose?

Artificial grass and concrete are two materials that can be used for landscaping and various other surfaces. Although they are quite different from one another, they are often used in a similar manner. But in what situations are one of them preferable to the other? Here’s a quick primer on when it’s appropriate to use […]

How to Maintain Your Artificial Pet Turf

Although artificial pet turf does not require as much maintenance work to retain its appearance and functionality as natural grass does, there’s still work that needs to be done. Here’s how to ensure your artificial turf remains in perfect condition for your pet.  Pick Up Debris and Waste Upon first seeing it you should immediately […]