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Three Important Artificial Turf Features Your Business Should Know Before Installation

An artificial grass installation is a popular choice among Orange County business owners, and it’s not hard to see why! Compared to other landscaping materials, synthetic grass is more durable, aesthetically beautiful and cost-effective.  The benefits of artificial grass are clear – however, not all turf is created equal. To help you get the most […]

Five Reasons to Install Artificial Pet Turf on Your Deck

More and more pet owners are replacing their natural grass lawns with artificial pet turf. It’s easy to see why – synthetic grass gives your pets the backyard they want with the low maintenance you need. However, you don’t need a yard to enjoy the benefits that synthetic grass has to offer. Our pet turf […]

Why is Artificial Pet Turf the Best Choice for Condo Owners?

Living in a condo has many advantages. From access to amenities to a greater sense of security, condominiums are an excellent option for many. However, high-rise condominiums aren’t the most pet-friendly. Since they typically don’t have green spaces, finding a place for your dogs to run around or use the bathroom can be challenging.  Artificial […]

Four Major Reasons the Elderly Love Synthetic Grass

You deserve to have a lawn you love regardless of your stage in life. Many people love the look of natural grass but not the challenges that come with it. Artificial grass is a great way to enjoy a lush, green lawn in a far safer and lower-maintenance way. We’ve listed four ways synthetic turf […]