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Four Innovative Ways To Modernize Your Landscaping with Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass technology has evolved tremendously – if you’re looking for ways to modernize and refresh your outdoor surfaces, don’t overlook this versatile material. Modern synthetic grass is remarkably similar in appearance to natural grass and can be customized to fit just about any outdoor space.  We’ve compiled four of our favorite ways to incorporate […]

Three Reasons Artificial Grass is the Perfect Drought-Tolerant Landscape

Living in a drought-ridden state like California can make landscaping challenging. Many opt for stones or succulents, but these options don’t have the look or the functionality of natural grass.  Artificial grass installation gives you the best of both worlds; you’ll get the water-saving benefits of sustainable landscaping options without compromising on the space you […]

The Best Three Places to Install Artificial Grass – Besides Your Lawn

When considering different design options for your roof, balcony or patio, odds are you didn’t jump straight to artificial grass. Most associate synthetic grass installation with updating their backyards, but the unique functionality and stunning modern artificial grass designs make it a surprisingly fantastic way to revamp your home’s exterior areas. The minimal maintenance and […]

The Top 4 Different Types of Artificial Turf Blades

Southern California is being landscaped more and more with artificial grass, but you might not have even noticed. That’s because synthetic turf design has come a long way – OC Turf and Putting Greens’ artificial grass has functional benefits and a look and feel that is remarkably similar to natural grass. We use five major […]

4 Spring Problems That Are Solved by Artificial Turf

In the spring, everything blooms. People have the urge to get out and bask in the sun – whether it be during a walk or a beach day, spring is truly a time for being outside.  More homeowners are thinking of getting artificial grass thanks to an increased desire to enjoy the spring climate. Not […]

4 Interesting Facts Most People Don’t Know about Artificial Turf

Artificial grass has been used for various applications that include commercial and residential landscaping, golf courses, playgrounds, nature trails, athletic fields, equestrian centers, jails and even nuclear facilities. Interestingly, despite it being around for years, there are a few facts that many people don’t know about.  1. Artificial Grass is Over 50 Years Old Artificial […]