4 Fun and Effective Ways To Incorporate Synthetic Grass This Summer

The sun’s out, and it’s time to leave the screens behind! Get out and enjoy your verdant paradise this summer with the help of artificial grass in Laguna Niguel, CA. This landscape alternative provides unique opportunities to enhance your outdoor experience.

Synthetic grass products are engineered for maximum durability and comfort and withstand heavy foot traffic and hot summer temperatures. UV stabilization preserves the evergreen hues, providing a visually appealing space to unwind, play, and bond with loved ones.

At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we have decades of expertise in synthetic turf installation. This article explores our favorite ways to use artificial grass to elevate summer fun!

Backyard Putting Greens

The country club isn’t the only place where you can practice your short game! Thanks to artificial grass putting greens, anyone can enjoy a luxurious playing experience. These dynamic features boost fun, encourage exercise, and provide a space for community gatherings.

Customizable putting green turf can be shaped into a unique course that caters to your skill set and playing style. Create a freeform golf course with angles, slopes, and rough that challenge your ball control. Or, install a basic rectangular putting green for child-friendly gameplay.

Artificial turf products ensure reliable gameplay with durable fibers that support your ball roll for years of plaSyntheticial turf putting greens are cheaper and easier to maintain than natural grass. Treat your family to a one-of-a-kind summer with a backyard putting green!

In-ground trampoline

Save yourself the hassle of constructing a clunky above-ground trampoline that takes up space in your lawn. In-ground trampolines provide the same joy-filled fun while integrating more seamlessly into your lawn. They’re also significantly safer, as kids won’t be jumping high up.

Artificial turf installation provides additional cushioning against potential falls. Drainage systems in residential grass prevent rusting and damage to your in-ground trampoline, extending its lifespan. While in-ground trampoline installation can damage the natural grass, residential turf stays fresh and evergreen regardless of this fun addition.

Child-Safe Playgrounds

Kids aren’t always careful when they play. They love to run, jump, slide, and skid across your lawn. Injury risks increase if you have a jungle gym that they may fall off of. Fortunately, IPEMA-certified playground turf protects children from playtime accidents.

At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we offer high-quality playground turf that blends seamlessly with your natural lawn while providing superior protection. Playground turf has an underfoam layer that maximizes shock absorption, protecting kids from falls of up to 10 feet.

The gentle, non-abrasive texture of artificial grass fibers won’t scratch or scrape kids as they play. Even those pesky grass stains will be a thing of the past, thanks to premium artificial turf products engineered from non-toxic materials.

Skip the wood chips, rubber mats, and other playground alternatives and choose synthetic grass installation. Your kids will be safer, and your lawn will become a verdant paradise!

Evergreen Pool Decks

Residential turf and pools were made for each other! The cool blue water pairs perfectly with the lavish, evergreen hues of synthetic grass. When you combine synthetic turf with a pool, you’ll create a private oasis unmatched in its comfort, cleanliness, and aesthetic appeal.

There are functional benefits, too! Unlike natural grass, artificial turf won’t become muddy and water-logged when installed near a pool. Efficient drainage systems keep your lawn dry, no matter how big your cannonball splash is. Synthetic turf offers superior traction, minimizing slip hazards and potential injuries.

Artificial turf installation is a great way to elevate your poolside experience, providing a green and comfortable place to soak up the sun or practice your dive.

Trusted Experts at OC Turf & Putting Greens

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We provide comprehensive landscape solutions, including commercial turf, artificial grass putting greens, pet-friendly turf, and more. Choose the perfect hue and length to match your home aesthetic. Then, our team will complete a flawless synthetic turf installation.

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