How Artificial Turf Elevates Your Poolside Experience

When you think of a backyard swimming pool, you probably imagine a beautiful blue stretch surrounded by concrete, plaster, or stone. While this is the typical choice for most homeowners, there is an alternative—and arguably more beautiful—landscape choice.

We’re talking about artificial grass. This revolutionary landscape alternative offers a lavish complement to your pool’s crystalline water. Furthermore, it provides unique benefits that’ll save you time and money while offering superior protection for your family.

Learn why artificial grass in Laguna Niguel is the right choice for your budding poolscape!

Increase Safety

Traditional pool designs come with some obvious safety risks. They can become slippery, increasing the likelihood of someone slipping and hurting themselves on the hard pool deck. No one wants a trip to the ER to interrupt their summer fun.

Artificial turf products feature a gentle, lifelike texture that provides reliable traction and severe injuries if a fall does occur. Unlike stone, synthetic grass won’t become slippery when water is splashed onto it, significantly reducing the likelihood of falls.

Traditional pool finishes like stone and concrete become hot after prolonged sun exposure. Synthetic grass installation combats the summer heat with innovative technology that mitigates surface temperatures, increasing overall comfort.

Stay Clean and Pristine

It’s typical to alternate between the cool waters and tanning on the lawn during long summer days. Unfortunately, this back-and-forth tracks soil, grass clippings, stones, and other lawn debris into your pool. Over time, this debris may need to be removed manually.

Artificial grass fibers are tightly woven into sturdy backings, eliminating the likelihood of loose blades ending up in your clean water. During synthetic turf installation, our elite turf installer will clear and compact the soil beneath, preventing dirt and mud from sticking to your feet. The result is a cleaner, easier-to-maintain pool!

Improve Drainage

Pools and natural grass don’t necessarily go well together. The inevitable splashes from canon balls and pool games produce large puddles in your lawn, which can turn into muddy quagmires. Synthetic grass products offer a simple solution to this problem.

Artificial turf provides the evergreen allure you desire, with superior drainage that keeps the area surrounding your pool dry. Water-resistant fibers and drainage systems prevent pool water from collecting in your lawn. This innovation is also a key appeal of pet turf!

Save on Maintenance Costs

Natural grass requires extensive maintenance, especially in hot climates like Orange County. To preserve its verdant appearance, you must water, mow, fertilize, weed, and apply harsh chemicals. This costs time that could be used to master your diving form.

Synthetic turf in Laguna Niguel creates a low-maintenance paradise that will save you time and money while providing the same green charms. It doesn’t require water or fertilizer to preserve its vivid hues and soft texture. It won’t yellow over time or grow coarse in the heat.

The only maintenance required is the occasional spray-down to flush out dirt and grime. When you trust an expert artificial grass installer like OC Turf & Putting Greens, you won’t have to worry about installation.

Create a Golfing Paradise

Since artificial grass products are pre-cut to fit your lawn size, they can be used to create unique landscape features like backyard putting greens. Combining a pool with an artificial putting green transforms your home into a private five-star oasis.

This feature is great for dads who want to get in a few rounds while watching their kids play in the pool. You can keep an eye on the kiddos while enjoying your favorite pastime! Thanks to synthetic grass, there’s no need to choose between time with the family and the country club.

High-quality putting green turf provides smooth, consistent gameplay. Sturdy artificial grass fibers support your ball roll, allowing for accurate short-game practice. Since synthetic turf is low-maintenance, it makes backyard putting greens cheaper and easier to maintain. 

Artificial Grass Installation for Homeowners

Artificial turf is the perfect poolside addition in Orange County! At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we offer superior products installed with meticulous care and a friendly spirit. We can take your backyard from ordinary to extraordinary in no time, saving you the hassle.

If you’re looking for synthetic grass, look no further than OC Turf & Putting Greens. Our services include commercial turf, playground turf, pet turf, and backyard putting greens. We’ll care for your lawn project as if it were our own!

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