3 Reasons to Ditch the Fertilizer and Install Pet Turf

There’s nothing quite like having a dog. They bring comfort, joy, laughter, and abundant love into your home. It’s understandable why pet owners strive to give their four-legged friends everything they need to be happy and healthy.

However, creating a safe outdoor space using natural grass can be tricky. Traditional lawns require regular fertilization, up to four times a year, to stay fresh and evergreen. These chemicals and fertilizers pose a risk to your dog’s well-being.

Artificial pet turf offers a solution! Its low-maintenance design provides all the splendor of a freshly grown lawn without the health risks to your pup. Read on to learn how synthetic grass in Laguna Niguel protects your pet and elevates your home.

Eliminate Routine Disruptions

The fertilization process is incompatible with your dog’s lifestyle. Once it’s applied, your lawn needs 72 hours before it’s safe for your pet to return outside. This creates obvious issues, as pups need a place to play and do their business.

Pet turf installation saves you the time and hassle of finding green spaces to take your dog as it doesn’t require any fertilization. Artificial grass products look fresh and evergreen year-round, regardless of fertilizing, watering, mowing, and other maintenance practices.

Synthetic turf installation allows your pet to run, lounge, and go potty whenever it needs to. You’ll significantly reduce monthly expenses, too, saving money on equipment, chemicals, and daily watering. Pet turf benefits dogs and pet owners alike!

Prevent Harm from Fertilizer

No matter how careful you are, there’s always a risk that your dog might ingest fertilizer particles. They may do so while sniffing around your lawn, or when fertilizers stick to their fur and paws, they can ingest it while grooming. There’s only one way to guarantee safety.

Artificial turf in Laguna Niguel eliminates the risk of fertilizers and other lawn chemicals. To maximize safety, artificial grass products are manufactured non-toxic and lead-free. Synthetic pet turf is the surest way to protect your dog from harmful chemicals.

Eliminate the need for harmful chemicals with artificial grass installation by the trusted experts at OC Turf & Putting Greens.

Create a Pet-Friendly Landscape

Your dog’s comfort is paramount. Natural lawns can become burnt, muddy, or rough due to sun exposure, rainstorms, and pet urine. This causes discomfort to your pet’s sensitive paw pads and risks dirtying your clean floors.

Pet turf products create an idyllic landscape that accommodates your dog’s and your own needs. All synthetic grass features drainage systems that eliminate pet messes and rainwater, preventing unpleasant odors and mud puddles from disrupting your home paradise.

Dogs love to scratch and dig, ripping up natural grass blades and creating uncomfortable and unsightly bald patches. Synthetic grass is engineered with robust backings that hold turf fibers in place, no matter how hard your dogs try.

A pet-friendly paradise is within your reach! Choose artificial grass installation from OC Turf & Putting Greens for the products and expertise you need.

Artificial Pet Turf by OC Turf & Putting Greens

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