Four Major Reasons the Elderly Love Synthetic Grass

You deserve to have a lawn you love regardless of your stage in life. Many people love the look of natural grass but not the challenges that come with it.

Artificial grass is a great way to enjoy a lush, green lawn in a far safer and lower-maintenance way. We’ve listed four ways synthetic turf is an excellent fit for older adults.

Artificial Grass is Easy to Maintain

Natural grass is demanding. Keeping up with the constant watering, mowing and fertilizing is a lot of work.

Artificial grass allows you to sit back and enjoy the look of a natural-looking lawn without all the upkeep. Your yard will stay green and lush all year long, all on its own – minimal maintenance required. 

It Makes Your Backyard Safer

Other landscaping materials, like pavers and natural grass, create uneven surfaces. This makes trips and falls far more likely. 

When properly installed, artificial grass is a perfectly smooth surface to walk across. There’s no need to worry about hidden holes in your grass, cracks in the pavement or loose gravel. 

Moreover, artificial turf provides more shock resistance than any other landscaping. In the unfortunate event that a fall does happen, the landing can be cushioned by padding installed underneath your turf. Better shock absorption can help to minimize injuries from a fall, making it a considerable benefit for those concerned about safety.

Synthetic Grass Resists Mold and Bacteria

Today’s synthetic turf is made with residential areas in mind. It’s engineered with highly efficient drainage to quickly eliminate rainwater, pet waste and other materials. 

This prevents a slew of issues that can happen when water is left stagnant. Modern turf is incredibly resistant to mold, odors and pests than can occur on other landscaping materials. Not only are these issues unpleasant, but they can be challenging to keep under control. Synthetic turf provides a clean, pest-free yard with minimal upkeep.

It’s More Cost-Effective Than Natural Grass

In dry climates, natural grass uses thousands of gallons of water every year. That difference will show up in your monthly water bill – and that’s not accounting for the cost of fertilizers, pesticides and lawn mowing.

Artificial turf installation allows you to spend less on your landscaping and more on the things you love. At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we carry the highest-quality synthetic grass to ensure your investment lasts for years to come. Our turf is the best available – every one of our residential artificial turf styles is remarkably lifelike and highly durable. Contact us online or call us at (888) 526-2289 to start your next outdoor project today.