Three Useful Benefits Your Kids Will Get From an Artificial Turf Putting Green

Kids and parents don’t always see eye-to-eye. They want ice cream for breakfast; you want them to pick up a little better – the list can go on forever.

Installing an artificial grass putting green gives your family one idea they’ll always agree on. Mini-golf courses in your backyard give your kids an activity they’ll love in the safe, healthy environment you want. We’ve compiled three of our favorite ways kids can benefit from an artificial turf putting green.

Artificial Grass is Chemical-Free

Natural grass requires a slew of toxic chemicals to maintain. Pesticides, fertilizer and weed killers are all potential irritants for children. 

These chemicals can cause sneezing, eye irritation and general discomfort when in the air. But for kids who crawl and play directly in the grass, they can have a more severe impact. When exposed to the skin or ingested, these chemicals can cause burning and illness.

Artificial grass requires little more than water to stay clean, lush and pest-free. Your little ones will have a safe, non-toxic outdoor space to enjoy all of their favorite activities worry-free.

Synthetic Turf Putting Greens Are Shock-Resistant

With kids, accidents are inevitable. Make sure the surface beneath their play area can cushion their slips and falls.

Artificial turf putting greens are shock-resistant, helping your kids have a softer landing. Softer and more padded than natural grass, synthetic turf putting greens are perfect for giving your family the mini-golf course of their dreams. 

Artificial Grass Putting Greens Encourage Physical Activity

Getting your kids outdoors does wonders for their physical and mental well-being. Getting outside helps kids build strong muscles and bones, reduces their risk of cardiovascular problems, and helps mitigate anxiety symptoms.

However, parents know that getting kids out of the house isn’t always easy. Installing an artificial turf putting green gives them a fun, safe and creative way to have fun in their own backyard. No need to drive to mini golf every time your family wants to play!

Artificial turf putting greens are a safe and fun activity for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you envision a simple par-three setup or an entire miniature golf course, we can create virtually any design you imagine. 

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