Why is Artificial Pet Turf the Best Choice for Condo Owners?

Living in a condo has many advantages. From access to amenities to a greater sense of security, condominiums are an excellent option for many.

However, high-rise condominiums aren’t the most pet-friendly. Since they typically don’t have green spaces, finding a place for your dogs to run around or use the bathroom can be challenging. 

Artificial pet turf can be a great solution to these problems. Below are four ways synthetic turf can benefit pet lovers who live in condominiums.

Synthetic Grass Makes an Easy Puppy Pad

Living in a condo with a dog can have some hurdles, as you generally won’t have a backyard for them to use the restroom. Without a grassy area right outside your door, you’re forced to rush out on a walk with your pup multiple times a day (or night). 

Installing artificial turf on a patio or balcony gives your pets an easily accessible place to use the restroom. Our pet turf systems are easy to maintain and feel just like the natural grass your dogs know and love.

It’s Great for Play

In addition to a convenient restroom, artificial turf also gives your pets a place to play. High-energy dogs and puppies need a lot of time running around, and you can’t always carve out time to go on long walks in the middle of the day. Synthetic turf installation gives them a soft, safe place to play right outside your condo.

Artificial Turf is the Perfect Training Surface

Training a puppy is an exciting, exhausting process. Artificial turf can benefit their learning in several ways. 

First, synthetic turf gives your pup a soft, comfortable surface to train. You won’t need to worry about concrete being too hard or overheating underneath your dog’s paws. 

Artificial grass also helps train dogs not to dig. Unlike natural grass, turf can’t be dug up or become muddy. Training a puppy on synthetic turf will help teach them not to dig holes at a dog park or other outdoor area with real grass. 

Other Artificial Pet Turf Benefits

Artificial turf is not just a substitute for a backyard; its unique properties can help keep your dogs happy and healthy. Its soft, padded nature helps cushion pets’ joints and gives them a comfortable place to lounge around in the sun. You’ll never have to worry about hot asphalt scalding their paws, and turf will never become pest-infested like natural grass.

Synthetic grass is one of the easiest, most cost-effective solutions for pet owners who live in condos or apartment buildings. At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we’re proud to supply Orange County with stunning, sustainable landscaping. Our artificial turf is remarkably lifelike, giving you the low maintenance of an inorganic material with the lush green look of natural grass. Call us today at (888) 526-2289 or visit us online for more information.