Why You Should Use Artificial Turf to Create Senior-Friendly Landscaping

Older age or a lack of mobility shouldn’t get in the way of being able to enjoy your outdoor lawn. Luckily, there are options that property owners can take to make their outdoor space more comfortable for older individuals. Here’s why you should use artificial turf to create senior-friendly landscaping. 

Artificial Turf Benefits For Seniors

An artificial turf installation will provide numerous benefits for older individuals, in particular for those with mobility issues. Synthetic grass will allow an easier range of movement for them because of its flat and soft surfaces. With synthetic grass, older individuals can maneuver and walk around without much issue. Although there are various synthetic landscape designs, you can specifically request a primarily flat surface artificial turf from your installer.  

Artificial Turf Design Ideas For Seniors

Garden Areas –  If you’re a senior who enjoys gardening, gardening has become easier than ever with artificial turf. Simply create a designated area filled with raised pots and plant beds to allow for easier access for older adults. 

Zen Areas – Everybody deserves a moment of peace and quiet, so why not make an area where older adults can go to get away from it all. Place some seating and add shades on a particular area in the garden to provide protection from the sun. This particular area can be used for older adults to participate in a relaxing activity like reading, playing puzzles, or simply enjoy their time outside.

Putting Green –  For seniors who enjoy staying active and moving, golfing is a popular sport among those who are older. An artificial turf putting green gives you the chance to play your favorite game from the comforts of your own home. OC Turf & Putting Greens can help you get this done as we have extensive experience in helping implement world-class backyard putting greens.

No matter what your dream artificial turf design is, OC Turf & Putting Greens can help make it happen. Our artificial grass installations are the best the industry has to offer and they have made us the preferred choice for Laguna Niguel and Irvine residents for addressing commercial and residential turf needs. We are always looking out for our customers which is why our team of turf professionals offers expert recommendations for any of your landscaping needs. To find out more about what we can do for you, give us a call at (888) 526-2289 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.