Water Conservation with Artificial Turf

Switching to an artificial grass lawn comes with many benefits. One of the most important aspects of those benefits is the decrease of water consumption. In July 2017, East Orange County increased its water consumption by 7.69% compared to July 2016. About 93% of water consumption in East Orange County is used at the residential level! Irrigation systems are one of the culprits for high levels in water consumption. The average daily gallon usage per resident is about 252 gallons!

Water conservation has been a major issue for many counties in Southern California in the last couple of years. Switching to a synthetic grass lawn will help aid in conservation efforts and can help save billions of gallons of water every year.

When you make the switch to an artificial grass lawn, you get the dream lawn you’ve always wanted without the burden of wasting tons of water in order to keep it green. At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we provide you with the best products that are beautiful, durable, low maintenance, budget friendly, and of course – waterwise. With an array of different products, we are able to find the perfect product for your residence or business without the costly price of a water bill and the hassle of sprinkler timers.

All of our synthetic grass products are lead free, U.V. resistant, safe for pets and children and backed by a 15 year warranty that will guarantee your new artificial turf lawn will last for years to come! Save water everyday by making the eco friendly switch to artificial grass.