Picking the Right Artificial Turf for the Expected Foot Traffic

Choosing a suitable type of artificial grass is crucial for sustaining expected foot traffic. Whether your synthetic grass is installed in your residence or business, knowing foot traffic levels is imperative in increasing the life expectancy of your turf lawn!

At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we provide you with the best artificial turf products on the market. With various products in our inventory, we are able to supply you with beautiful synthetic grass products that are both safe and durable.

Consider these questions when deciding which turf product to go with:

Are there any children in the household?

Having children running around or playing would require artificial turf with a higher face weight. The higher the face weight, the thicker and more durable the turf will be. Check out our Diamond and Everglade lines. These products feature stiffer blade shapes that can withstand any amount of play!

Do I have any pets?

Our Pet Turf is an excellent line that is the perfect choice for your furry friends! It has a shorter pile height, which allows pets to run freely and makes cleaning up after them super easy. We recommend pairing your Pet Turf installation with our Pet System products that include: Durafill, Zeolite Max and Turf Fresh. These will aid in keeping your turf fresh and clean! All of our products feature a perforated backing, allowing liquids can drain through easily. This turf is extremely durable and will last for years to come!

Are you more laid back?

For those of you who just want to gaze at your newly installed synthetic grass lawn, look for products with longer blades and higher pile heights! The taller the blade the plusher your lawn will look. Check out our Sierra & Marquee lines. These products are perfect for leisure time and creating a beautiful and luxurious looking lawn.

Do you enjoy frequent company?

For those who enjoy barbeques and backyard parties, look into our products that are in between having a high face weight for durability but also a medium pile height for a sense of a lavish lawn. We recommend our Emerald and Majestic lines. These products will withstand medium levels of foot traffic, making it a perfect choice for active homeowners!

We hope this blog has helped you think a little bit about your foot traffic levels and what kind of turf products will work best for you. If you have further questions about choosing the right turf, feel free to contact us for your free estimate.