The Top 4 Different Types of Artificial Turf Blades

Southern California is being landscaped more and more with artificial grass, but you might not have even noticed. That’s because synthetic turf design has come a long way – OC Turf and Putting Greens’ artificial grass has functional benefits and a look and feel that is remarkably similar to natural grass. We use five major types of artificial grass blades so we can pinpoint the ideal synthetic turf solution for your particular landscaping needs. We’ve broken down the basic differences between blades below to give you a crash course in the excellent variety of design options for you to choose from at OC Turf and Putting Greens.

W-Shaped Blades

Our most popular artificial grass, the TigerTurf Diamond line, is made with intelligently-designed W-shaped blades. Ideal for those looking for incredibly durable synthetic grass for their outdoor surfaces, W-shaped blades spring back to their original shape after being bent by foot traffic. The strength of this blade design makes it perfect for high-traffic places like playgrounds and sports fields.

Omega-Shaped Blades

Omega-shaped blades are another excellent choice for durability. Omega synthetic grass fibers are strong enough to withstand regular foot traffic as well as the use of heavy equipment, while still having a soft feel and realistic appearance. Their durability makes omega-shaped turf blades an excellent choice for pet spaces, playgrounds and other high-traffic areas.

Diamond-Shaped Blades

Diamond-shaped blades are the ideal choice for those looking for the most realistic, soft-to-the-touch artificial grass for their outdoor surfaces. Perfect for lawns or landscapes that experience medium foot traffic, diamond-shaped blades are ideal for giving your home or business the lavish look of thriving natural grass. 

S-Shaped Blades

S-shaped blades are unique in their ability to limit the flattening of areas of your synthetic grass lawn due to foot traffic. Their unique shape not only gives them a soft texture but also allows them to resist compression from the continual walking and playing across the surface of your artificial grass. This makes the s-shape an excellent choice of blade shape for artificial turf installation in areas with medium to high levels of foot traffic.

You don’t research artificial grass blades for fun; you’re ensuring that you’re making a sound investment by choosing synthetic grass. OC Turf and Putting Greens guarantees that you get excellent synthetic grass that will benefit you and your family for years to come. Since the beginning of artificial grass’ use in residential areas, we’ve committed ourselves to providing and installing only the best for our friends in Southern California. To work with our team to find the ideal artificial turf solutions for your residence or business, contact us today at (888) 526-2289 or visit us online. We’d love to work with you!