4 Spring Problems That Are Solved by Artificial Turf

In the spring, everything blooms. People have the urge to get out and bask in the sun – whether it be during a walk or a beach day, spring is truly a time for being outside. 

More homeowners are thinking of getting artificial grass thanks to an increased desire to enjoy the spring climate. Not only does synthetic grass look great, but it can solve a lot of problems that come up in spring. 

The Downsides of Spring’s Unpredictable Weather

Spring is a great season, but it brings weather unpredictability—it can go from sunny to rainy in an instant. Rain is great for natural grass, but when it becomes too much, oversaturation may occur, leaving your yard with puddles and mud. Moreover, rainwater will collect in spots that are harder to dry or reach.

This can be a problem because it will cause further damage to plants, as excess water and mud can harm the root systems. For children in the early stages of their lives, this can be a dangerous hazard. 

You don’t need to worry about rain oversaturation with synthetic grass, especially during springtime. Artificial grass is equipped with adequate drainage to ensure no water will remain on the surface too long. 

The Growth of Weeds & the Spread of Pollen in the Air

Weeds are a significant problem during spring. These garden intruders thrive in moist, warm climates, and with so much rain in spring, the conditions could not be more ideal for these unwanted guests.

The thing about natural grass is that many things could grow in it, including weeds. Weeds aren’t a beautiful sight, and to get rid of them, you’ll need to do more landscaping than you want to. Just think about the time, money and effort that goes with it. 

Weeds bring in pollen, which is the main culprit behind seasonal allergies for many people. If you have people in the house who are allergic to pollen and weed, they might as well stay indoors. 

You never have to worry about removing weeds or even seasonal allergies with artificial grass. Most efficient synthetic grass products include weed barriers, which prevent the growth of weeds for many years to come. 

The Chore of Mowing an Overgrown Lawn

The sunlight brought by spring is a welcome sight, especially in your yard. As previously mentioned, rain also comes with spring; combined sun and rain may cause your grass to become overgrown. 

Managing overgrown natural grass is a chore—it’s time-consuming and really not the most enjoyable thing to do. You may not see it as a big problem, but it can be. A lawnmower uses a lot of gas, and each time you use it, you have to worry about the expenses to maintain your mower.

With synthetic grass, you never have to touch the lawnmower again and not worry about the overgrowth due to the synthetic fibers in them that don’t grow or fade. 

Natural Grass Becomes Welcoming to Insects and Pests

Insects and pests are a common problem in spring and one that you can’t underestimate. They come out to lay eggs, turning into more insects and pests. You don’t want them around your property.

With natural grass, you need to worry about chemicals to spray in your garden. These chemicals are more harmful than you think, so keeping them away from your family is crucial.

Artificial grass is an excellent choice because they’re free of organic materials and does not retain water, making it uninhabitable to insects and pests. You also won’t need to worry about insect repellents. 

Spring is a season that brings warmth and beauty; it’s a season where you want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, whether you want to spend a day at the park or enjoy a warm spring day on your lawn.

Synthetic grass can offer many benefits that natural grass can’t. It isn’t without its own maintenance, but there are many things artificial grass can do to help you enjoy spring to the fullest. OC Turf & Putting Greens has been in the synthetic grass industry since 2004. Since then, our products have grown and advanced, leading us to the most advanced synthetic grass products on the market. We believe in innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions. Get a quote today; contact us or call us at (888) 526-2289