Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass has become one of the essential items for any landscaping needs today. With wide variations of color options and innovative designs, it’s meant to last for a very long time compared to traditional grass. However, nothing is everlasting, even if you choose top-rated products. Even if you have been cleaning and maintaining it properly, there’s still going to be signs of wear and tear after years of usage. Like any other product, you must eventually replace your synthetic turf. If you have been wondering when to replace your synthetic turf, here are some signs that can help you out.


Even though artificial grass is durable and resilient, it can get damaged over time. Through years of wear and tear its likely that you’ll notice some matting or discoloration throughout your artificial turf lawn. In small cases like this, it might be easier to get the damaged area cut out and replaced. However, if you notice larger or more serious signs of damage like on your synthetic turf lawn,

Even though artificial grass is durable and resilient, it can get damaged over time. Under normal circumstances, synthetic lawns can last for years depending on the materials used to make the turf. However, extreme weather conditions and accidents that are unavoidable can also damage your artificial grass. If you notice melted spots on your turf or large areas of discoloration, replacing your artificial turf lawn may be the best option to save time and money.

Loose Inlays

Inlays are typically used to create interesting designs and colors for your synthetic turf. For instance, if you own an athletic field, inlays are used to mark property lines on your artificial grass. Over time, the adhesive material used to hold the inlays will soften, which could create a safety hazard to anyone. This condition is especially not safe for children as they are more likely to trip and fall. If you have repaired these inlays several times in the past, it might be time to get a replacement.

Selling Your House

Once you begin the process of selling your current house, you need to make sure everything feels new and clean once the potential homeowners start to come in. While you probably have cleaned and remodeled your house, you still need to give your synthetic turf the same treatment as well. After all, first impressions come when the potential homeowners look at what the front yard of your house looks like. 

If you notice any of these signs, you should replace your synthetic turf immediately. OC Turf & Putting Greens accommodates excellent artificial turf installation in Orange County. Our team of artificial turf experts will help give you the best recommendations for your landscaping needs. As an award-winning artificial grass installer, we ensure your safety and satisfaction is our top priority. Give us a call at (888) 526-2289 or visit our website to schedule an appointment with one of our experts for a free consultation!