Natural Lawn vs. Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has the ability to provide your home with a beautiful, plush and sustainable landscape. The maintenance that comes with a natural grass lawn is simply an unappealing option for most homeowners, as most people want to take their weekends back instead of mowing every Saturday. Synthetic grass eliminates the burden of a high maintenance and thirsty natural grass lawn.

When you choose to stick with natural grass, you opt in for high maintenance lawn conditions which require constant watering, mowing, etc. You also encounter the fact that no matter how much you water it, the lawn is going to have uneven patches of brown. Instead of a sea of green, you have a field of brown patches, especially when pets are involved. Your natural lawn is going to create unwanted puddles which are going to cause mud and attract a plethora of bugs that no one really wants flying around in their yard.

When you decide to make the switch to artificial grass, you opt to save time, money, and water! You conserve on three fronts which is obviously a great thing for the environment, and your pocket. You also get a lawn that is realistic and has the appearance of a natural lawn without all the maintenance. There’s no need to mow, water, or tend to the grass in order to keep it from turning brown.

Artificial grass is also permeable, allowing for water, liquids, and pet urine to pass through unhindered. The backing actually drains better than your natural lawn, ensuring you experience no flooding. Additionally, the turf alternative is non toxic and lead free which makes it the perfect solution for any home with kids or pets.

Kids can run around without eating dirt, ingesting fertilizer or hurting themselves. Pets can run free and do their business with no brown spots or puddles. You no longer need to worry about dead grass through the winter either since turf is sustainable in any type of weather. This means your lawn is going to stay plush and evergreen all year long, regardless of the conditions.

When it comes to choosing between natural and artificial, it is hardly a contest. Artificial grass provides homeowners of all backgrounds an opportunity to have a picturesque, green lawn 24/7. Make your neighbors jealous and make the switch. We guarantee they will follow in your footsteps.