How to Maintain Your Artificial Pet Turf

Although artificial pet turf does not require as much maintenance work to retain its appearance and functionality as natural grass does, there’s still work that needs to be done. Here’s how to ensure your artificial turf remains in perfect condition for your pet. 

Pick Up Debris and Waste

Upon first seeing it you should immediately pick up your pets’ waste and remove any debris out of your artificial turf. If you wait for some time to dispose of your pets’ waste, it could harden and become more difficult to pick up and could even leave traces in your artificial turf fibers. OC Turf & Putting Greens has several artificial pet turf cleaning products that can help your cleaning efforts like Zeolite Max, an organic infill that can eliminate any pet odors that come from their waste, and Durafill, an antimicrobial infill that can help make your synthetic turf looking brand new.

Occasional Watering

With artificial pet turf, you’ll need to do some occasional hosing off and watering down your synthetic grass. This is meant to wash off and clean any urine that your pets may have left. If you do not do this, the urine smell will become stronger and more unbearable. 

Brushing the Fibers

With the amount of use that your artificial pet turf will go through between your pet and yourself, you are going to want to brush the synthetic turf fibers whenever you see that they are flat and bent. Simply take a push broom and brush the fibers back to their original state. Failing to do so promptly will make it more difficult to unflatten them later. 

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