Going Back to School with Artificial Grass

Schools throughout Laguna Niguel are switching to artificial grass for their playgrounds, sports fields, and campus landscaping. The safety and durability of artificial turf make it an ideal landscaping solution for school districts and allows schools to create an environment where children can enjoy their time and build meaningful relationships and memories. With synthetic turf, kids can run, jump, and play to their heart’s content. There’s no need to worry about maintenance, constant watering, or trampled dead patches with synthetic turf. Save time and money while keeping your students safe and happy by switching to artificial grass from OC Turf & Putting Greens.

Artificial Grass Playgrounds

Understandably, one of the biggest concerns that schools have regarding their students is safety. That’s why OC Turf & Putting Greens recommends artificial grass for school playgrounds and play areas. Our artificial grass products are specifically engineered to be safe for kids and protect them however possible. All of our play area turf products are IPEMA-certified and meet or exceed all standards set by the American Society for Testing and Material. They are installed with an eco-friendly foam underlayer that protects kids from impact injuries and falls from up to 10 feet high. Our foam padding maintains GMax scores, so you can rest assured that our artificial turf products are some of the safest and most durable landscaping options available on the market for children’s use. Our installations also utilize antimicrobial infill which prevents bacteria growth and keeps your turf sanitary to reduce the number of bacteria spread. The turf products and infill are non-toxic and non-absorbent, and the infill is even more sanitary than silica. Artificial grass playgrounds will keep germs at bay and help keep your students safe and healthy all year long.

Synthetic Turf Athletic Fields

OC Turf’s artificial grass products are also perfect for school athletic fields due to their high durability and low maintenance. Whether you’re a small elementary school or a Division 1 high school, OC Turf is equipped to meet any school’s artificial grass installation needs. We carry artificial turf products in a wide range of pile heights and face weights, so we can choose a synthetic turf option that suits any sport with high foot traffic levels. With artificial grass, you’ll never have to worry about watering, mowing, fertilizing, or re-sodding your fields again. You can let your students run on the field all school year long without worrying about unsightly dead patches or uneven wear. Synthetic grass’s excellent drainage capability also guarantees that your fields will never be muddy, so your games will never get rained out again. Have a perfectly maintained and evergreen athletic field all year long with artificial grass installation from OC Turf.

With superior aesthetics, performance, and safety features to real grass, synthetic turf is the natural choice for Laguna Niguel schools. With no need for daily watering or regular maintenance, your school can save thousands of dollars every year, allowing you to put more money toward each child’s education. If you want to get started with artificial turf for your school’s playgrounds or sports fields, call OC Turf & Putting Greens today at (888) 526-2289.