Commercial Turf and Return on Investment

In California, many homeowners have taken advantage of the endless benefits of artificial grass. However, the benefits are not only for residential properties. We see a considerable upswing towards commercial artificial grass installations because the return on investment is both undeniable and unbeatable. If you’re working towards improving the look of any commercial property, the ROI can save you thousands of dollars every single year. Here’s how.

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Artificial Grass Provides Commercial Aesthetics
No matter what type of commercial property you own or manage, aesthetics are a big factor. If you’re looking to rent out spaces, the way the building looks is a huge selling point. If you’re trying to make your city look beautiful, your center dividers having evergreen turf can make a huge impact. If you’re a place where people congregate, you want patrons, customers, and friends to be able to enjoy the area without worrying about dirt, mud, bugs, or stains. Artificial turf promises that people enjoy attending your place of business, as well as also want to visit again.

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Artificial Grass Helps You Save Money on LandscapingAs we just discussed, you always want to ensure your property is looking as appealing as possible which means you usually would need to invest in landscapers. You need someone to mow the lawn, pull the weeds, fertilize, and trim. While $75 an hour might not seem like much for a landscaper, you could be spending upwards of $10k per year just on maintaining a lawn that is still going to have brown spots regardless. Just that savings alone might be a massive chunk of the investment towards an artificial turf that won’t need nearly as much upkeep to look beautiful. 
Artificial Grass Helps You Save Money on Water BillsEveryone likes to save money when they can and when a commercial property is involved, water bills can be hefty. Sprinklers running bi-weekly for a subpar result is an undeniable waste of your hard earned money. When you invest in an artificial grass lawn, you choose to not only be environmentally friendly and sustainable, but you’re also sustaining the green in your pocket.   
Artificial Grass is Built to WithstandYou might be a little apprehensive about turf if your commercial property is frequented or often walked on. Contrary to popular belief, OC Turf and Putting Greens offer artificial grass products that are built to withstand all types of foot traffic. Whether you’re installing a football field or a tiny lawn outside your franchised Taco Bell location, we have a product that will work for your specific needs. While you might need to replace a browning, dead natural lawn every couple of years, our turf products are protected by a 15-year manufacturer warranty and an 8-year warranty through us. Your investment is going to last, ultimately saving you thousands of dollars.

Whether your commercial installation is calling for a commercial grade putting green for your employees or a barbeque area for an apartment complex, artificial grass is guaranteed to save you money, time, and ultimately pay for itself. Your investment will be worth every penny, and you’ll be so glad you made the switch. If you’re looking to upgrade your commercial property, give us a call here at OC Turf & Putting Greens.