Artificial Grass’ Environmentally Friendly Draining

It’s “rainy” season here in Orange County, and when the rainfall arrives, many homeowners wonder about the drainage capabilities of their artificial grass lawn. Good news is that synthetic grass has a built-in drainage system in the turf backing, and will drain faster than a natural grass lawn.

How is this possible? Natural grass lawns are on top of dirt which soaks in the water, causing puddles and mud. On the other hand, artificial grass’ drainage system allows for water and other liquids to flow straight through at a rate of 30+ inches of rain per square yard per hour and dries quickly.

Additionally, when it rains, natural lawns with fertilizer, pesticides, and other chemicals are slowly polluting the environment. As the grass drains, the runoff of water pulls the chemicals with it and puts it back into the water system. Because artificial turf doesn’t require any chemicals to be healthy or green, the rainwater isn’t pulling anything harmful back into the environment.

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