Turf Increasing the Resale Value of Homes

If you’ve ever thought about selling your home, you’ve probably thought about how important it is to make your home one that people just can’t resist but to make an offer. You’ve probably thought about renovations and fixes to do throughout the interior and exterior. And you’ve probably thought about resale value and how you can best make a profit. But have you ever thought about replacing the lawn with turf?

Turf, although it make be a little more spendy than you would want at first, it is indeed worth the investment. Not only will the curb appeal of your home be beautifully perfect because of the luscious and fluffy greenery, but potential buyers are going to appreciate the low-maintenance of turf. Artificial grass does not require watering, mowing, or any other grass treatments needed to make your grass look “healthy”. The extra money spent to invest in high quality turf will be made back quickly.

Here at OC Turf and Putting Greens, we have an 8-year no fade warranty (think about all the money would save in those 8 years NOT taking care of real grass). We provide our customers with high quality artificial grass that looks and feels just like the real thing. Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can help improve your home.

How Turf can be Beneficial for Allergy Season

It’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and allergies are arising. Springtime, despite its beauty, is the season of congestion, runny noses, itchy throats and endless sneezing for adults, kids and even pets. Almost everyone is looking for ways to relieve their allergies but one of the most overlooked solutions is simply replacing grass lawns with artificial turf.

Turf is a safe and hypoallergenic landscape alternative that will relieve allergy symptoms for everyone, guaranteed. Kids and pets are finally able to play and roam freely in the yard without the annoying allergy symptoms following them. Teens are finally able to lay out in the lawn to tan before prom. And everyone can finally be proud of their beautiful hypoallergenic lawn.

At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we pride ourselves in bringing our customers the safest and most reliable synthetic grass products in the market. We work hard to ensure them with best customer service, and always offer them the highest quality products available. Our turf not only looks and feels great, but your allergies will thank you. Give us a call today!

The Technology of Artificial Grass

When artificial grass first launched, the technology and materials that were used to create realistic synthetic grass did not exist. The whole neighborhood would know if you had artificial turf, since it was lime green and very unrealistic. As technology has developed, turf started featuring multiple blade colors, longer blade lengths, and improved durability. There are now so many artificial grass options that enhance your home’s landscape with the updated products now available on the market.

TigerTurf has been a leader in innovation, and our products have always pushed the envelope. With materials manufactured by Tencate, a world renowned innovator in yarn blade technology, not only is artificial grass aesthetically beautiful, it is also engineered to withstand different levels of foot traffic with a variety of designated blade shapes. Each series features a blade shape that ranges in durability levels from light to heavy, allowing you to choose the perfect turf choice for your specific situation.

Our products feature brown thatches for added realism that blend in beautifully with any natural surrounding. Our inventory also features an efficient drainage system, vital for any landscape area that’s prone to flooding. In fact, our turf features a perforated backing that allows 30+ inches of rain to drain per square yard per hour, vastly better than a natural lawn!

Beautify your home by upgrading to a synthetic grass lawn. Today’s homeowners are busier than ever before. Make your life a bit easier with a low maintenance landscape alternative that is advanced, natural, and beautiful.

Compliment Your Home With Artificial Turf

Turf has dramatically changed over the past 10 years. Through innovation and technological advancements, synthetic grass has moved well beyond sports fields and is now common in household landscapes. Gone are the days of lawn mowers and expensive water bills.

At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we provide the highest quality turf that not only enhances the beauty of homes all over Orange County, but provides a landscaping alternative that is both sustainable and water conscious. OC Turf & Putting Greens supplies top notch artificial grass products and accessories that no other turf company can match.

Homeowners can now have the luxurious lawn they’ve always dreamt of having. The newest technology allows for top notch drainage systems as well as unmatched durability levels. On top of that, all SGW products we carry are non-toxic and lead free, creating a safe play area for children and pets.

With over 20 products in our inventory, OC Turf & Putting Greens will find the perfect artificial turf for your home. We also ensure that your synthetic grass lawn will last you for years to come with our 15 year warranty. We take pride in giving your home the makeover it deserves so give us a call and bring in the fresh air of change this spring!

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air! The month of March brings us fleshly bloomed flowers and an array of beautiful color schemes. Spring gives us time to start anew, whether it’s redecorating or giving your home a new flair. With artificial turf, you can create a uniform landscape that allows you to be creative and give your home that modern look you’ve been looking for.

Artificial turf provides a sustainable, elegant and dependable landscape alternative that will enhance any home, business, or playscape! At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we provide all of our customers with the best artificial turf products in the industry. With over 20 synthetic grass products in our inventory, it is our duty to supply you with the perfect turf option for your landscape area!

From Spring to Fescue color combinations, we ensure that your synthetic grass lawn will not only enhance the beauty of your home, it will create the standard for your neighborhood landscaping projects.

Our OC Turf crew guarantees that you will love your new synthetic grass lawn. All of our products are non-toxic and lead free, creating a safe landscape for kids and pets to play freely! It is our duty to provide our customers with a beautiful and reliable surface that will last your for years come!

Daylight Savings & Enjoying Turf

The month of March brings back the later sunsets that we’ve missed so dearly. Now with daylight savings rapidly approaching, it’s time to enjoy your synthetic grass lawns for longer! A synthetic grass lawn creates a fun, safe and enjoyable landscape for families and pets. Whether you like to kick back or enjoy an active lifestyle with your family and friends, artificial turf allows you to take the time to appreciate your lawn and the people around you!

Now that we’ve got daylight for longer, you can enjoy a wide variety of activities outside in the yard. Here’s some fun things you can do as we say hello to longer sunlight.

If you enjoy hosting parties and get togethers, use your artificial turf as a beautiful setting for all your hosting. Have some friends over for an outdoor dinner party that is void of bugs and mud. Your turf is going to keep allergies away and make all those selfies look picture perfect.   

If it has been a while, call up some family members for a weekend barbecue. Get outside with your family, kids, and relatives and enjoy the sun and the grass at the same time. Dad can barbecue in a great setting. Moms can enjoy her glass of wine while lounging in a fantastic landscape. Kids can play both allergy and mud free all day long. It’s the perfect use of the extended sun and the turf.

You can spend more time outside with all your furry friends. When it gets dark early, playing fetch with your dogs seems bleak, dark, and ultimately unfulfilling. You can’t even see the ball, much less throw it. Now that the sun is out again, you can come home from work to a pet friendly landscape that allows for you to play and appreciate your puppy on a turf product that’s safe, reliable, and always beautiful.

Before daylight savings, you had to wait for the weekend to practice your putting, but now we have the sun again! You can get outside on the green and get weekend golf ready right after work. No more waiting and no more golfing in the dark. You’ll be the most prepared person on the course on Saturday because you took advantage of the sun!

With a synthetic grass lawn you can finally enjoy your weekends at home without the worry of weekly maintenance. From backyard barbecues to sunbathing, take advantage of the extra sunlight and go out and enjoy your artificial grass lawn. No need to worry about an uneven play area for kids and pets. Enjoy the benefits having a beautiful, safe and durable landscape that allows you to entertain and create memories with loved ones!

At OC Turf and Putting Greens, we provide our homeowners with the safest, plushest and most durable synthetic grass products in the industry. It is our duty to provide the finest synthetic grass installations and best customer service possible.

What is Drainage and How Does it Work?

Though we haven’t seen much rainfall in Southern California this season, many homeowners are looking to prevent the potential flooding of their yard should the occasion arise. Because of this, we work with products built to help any home stay dry and clean!

Unlike a natural lawn, artificial grass has a built in drainage system within the turf backing. Your current lawn is littered with puddles, mud, and standing water that attracts unwanted insects. It can only drain so much. Through light rains and rain storms, the perforated backing of synthetic grass actually allows it to drain about 30+ inches of rain per square yard per hour – that is better than your natural lawn!

Having a great drainage system also helps to prevent any buildup of bacteria underneath your grass. It keeps your installation looking new for years to come. Whether you are working to combat mud, bugs, flooding, or just wondering if your dogs business is going to be take care of, you can be rest assured that artificial grass has the drainage capabilities necessary to combat all your concerns.

At OC Turf and Putting Greens, we take pride in providing our homeowners with the safest and most durable synthetic grass products on the market. Make the switch to synthetic grass today so you can keep your lawn hassle free!

3 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Turf

We want to celebrate by talking about the lowest maintenance “date” you’ll ever have – artificial grass! Switching to artificial turf saves you time, water and money so it’s basically a whole package. Though there are a multitude of reasons why people absolutely LOVE artificial turf, we’re going to break down the top 3 reason so you can learn to love your turf too.

#1: Loving turf helps you love your home.

Artificial grass can be used to add that realistic pop of green, providing you with a landscape you can truly love. When other people see how much you’re loving it, they’re going to love it too so watch out!

#2: The people you love are also going to love it.

Parents and pet owners find that kids and pets can run free and play to their heart’s content on its durable but realistic surface. No harmful chemicals. No bugs. No eating dirt. No fertilizer. Just a safe place for your furry family members and your kids to love together.

#3: The environment loves turf too.

Our environmentally savvy friends love that our turf loves the environment right back! It conserves water, there’s no need for pesticides as bugs are not an issue. No need for fertilizers in the runoff water since you’re not trying to keep it green. No mowing to pollute the atmosphere. Just a perfect green lawn for you and the earth to love.

At OC Turf and Putting Greens, we take pride in our artificial turf installations. Our products are backed by a 15 year warranty, ensuring you love your new artificial turf and guaranteeing that your lawn will love you back for YEARS to come! If only all relationships were this simple.

The days of mowing, watering, fertilizing and paying expensive maintenance and service fees are over! So, tell us, what are your reasons for loving synthetic grass?

3 Ways Your Artificial Turf is Helping the Environment

Many homeowners have their own set of hesitations when it comes to switching to an artificial lawn. You might think it looks unrealistic or that it’s not going to work for you. Whatever your reasons may be, we want homeowners to know that not only has the technology made turf look more real than ever, it also saves you time and money all while being beneficial to the environment.

Switching to artificial turf helps lower water consumption rates by an exceptional amount. Did you know that in East Orange County, 98% of water consumption is residential. Irrigation systems in your household are contribute up to 60% of that consumption. An average of about 138 gallons of water are used per resident every day. Not only can you be helping to save water in our community, which is always at risk for water shortages, you’ll also be saving a lot of coin on that water bill.

In comparison to a natural lawn, artificial turf aids in the benefit of our ecosystem through environmental advantages. Did you know that mowing your natural lawn emits toxic compounds into the atmosphere? On top of that, running your lawn mower produces the same amount of pollution as driving your car 100-200 miles and responsible for 5% of the United States pollution. A synthetic grass lawn helps in the reduction of fossil fuels and helps reduce our environmental impact every single day.

Lastly, turf allows you to get rid of harmful fertilizers. With your natural lawn, you need to use fertilizers in order to keep it green. If you switch to artificial grass, you avoid fertilizers altogether. When it rains, the fertilizers you use on your lawn runs off into the drains and drains often lead into our water. You can completely eliminate the possibility of toxic runoff into oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams simply by making the switch.

At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we provide you with the safest and most reliable synthetic grass products on the market. All of our synthetic grass products are lead free, U.V. resistant, safe for pets and children and backed by a 15 year warranty. If you want to help the environment and make a difference without all the effort, give us a call.

3 Reasons Why Your Artificial Lawn Needs an Upgrade

Now that the new year has arrived, it’s time to think about the upgrades you can make around the house! At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we’ve pinpointed some reasons why you shouldn’t forget about upgrading your lawn.

No More Mowing

Say goodbye to the days of mowing your lawn on your weekends. Artificial turf’s low maintenance qualities allows homeowners to enjoy their yards! No more labor intensive chores that can take hours. Don’t let the burden of a real grass lawn ruin your weekends… get them back with lush, realistic turf!

No More Mud

With a synthetic grass lawn, puddles and mud will cease to exist! After rainy days, there’s nothing worse than puddles in your front of backyard. And with the mud comes a unwanted visitation of bugs. The mud eventually starts making its way into your household with kids or pets and trust us when we say they bugs are going to come with it. Get rid of those problems altogether when you choose artificial grass.  

Durable and Safe

Not only is artificial turf low maintenance, it’s a durable and safe landscape for kids and pets! All of our products at OC Turf & Putting Greens are non-toxic and lead free, creating a fun and safe landscape for your little ones and your furry family members.

Upgrading your landscape is always a fun and creative way to create a beautiful and unique environment for your home. An artificial turf lawn is a low maintenance landscape alternative that will last you for years to come.