3 Benefits of Playground Artificial Turf

There’s no better way for children to enjoy time outdoors than with a playground. An expertly installed playground can provide hours of fun for children as they enjoy its countless features. Whether you’re installing a playground for your kids at home or you’re designing a play area for a park or school, getting the most out of a playground starts with choosing a suitable surface that offers safety and enjoyment. While there are numerous options, artificial turf provides many benefits for parents and their children, making synthetic grass the clear choice for any playground design.

Increased Safety and Fun

Unlike natural grass, which can harden during cold weather, synthetic turf offers a softer surface that allows for better shock absorption should a child trip or fall. Artificial grass minimizes the chances of harm, relieving parents of any worry and allowing them to focus on their children’s enjoyment. At OC Turf and Putting Greens, we feature playground turf that is kid-friendly and offers hours of outdoor fun. 

No Lawn Care Chemicals

Aside from minimizing injury, playground artificial turf promotes greater safety in many different ways. Synthetic turf is a low-maintenance surface that doesn’t require the use of lawn care chemicals typically needed with natural grass, such as pesticides, fertilizers, and weedicides. These chemicals can be quite dangerous for your children as they can be exposed to toxic residues that threaten their health and well-being. Opting for playground artificial turf will help keep harmful lawn care chemicals away from your children. 

Impressive Durability 

A playground requires a durable surface that can endure heavy use daily. Synthetic grass is a landscaping surface built to last and fulfills all of your playground needs. It is incredibly resilient and can serve as a reliable playground surface for many years. No matter how much children jump, run, and tumble on artificial turf, parents won’t ever have to be concerned about their playground’s surface.  

Maximize the enjoyment a playground can provide with OC Turf & Putting Greens’ incredible lineup of synthetic grass products like our playground turf, which can fulfill all of your needs. We have collaborated with many Laguna Niguel, Orange County, and South Bay residents on successful playground turf projects. Our excellence goes beyond our products, as OC Turf & Putting Greens offers affordable prices and friendly customer service. For more information about what we can do for you, give us a call at (888) 526-2289 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.