How Does A Synthetic Grass Installation Boost Property Value?

Synthetic grass installation can boost your property’s value in several ways. From a simple front yard artificial turf installation to putting greens and pet turf, artificial turf can add beauty and functionality to your outdoor areas.

More and more homeowners in Orange County and the South Bay are installing artificial grass, and it’s easy to see why. Here are five ways synthetic grass can increase the property value of your home.

You’ll Need Less Landscaping Maintenance

Natural grass is demanding. Artificial turf isn’t. 

Instead of constant watering, fertilizing and mowing, synthetic turf requires little more than the occasional rinse and brushing to stay lush and green. The lowered maintenance needed for artificial grass is a significant selling point for home buyers looking to save time and money on landscaping upkeep.

Artificial Grass is More Cost-Effective

All that watering is more than just work – it’s costly. It’s estimated that natural grass uses thousands of gallons of water per square foot in just one year. That’s a massive contributor to your monthly water bill.

Homes with artificial turf landscaping will have far lower expenses than those with natural grass, especially in dry or hot climates. 

It’s Children & Pet-Friendly

Natural grass is full of insects, pesticides and allergens. Our residential artificial grass has the natural look and soft feel your family loves without all the problems it can cause.

Synthetic Turf Looks Great Year-Round

One of the most significant advantages of artificial grass is that it looks beautiful regardless of the season. Natural grass is subject to mud in the rain and brown spots in the sun, and preventing these problems is virtually inevitable.

Being inorganic, artificial turf will look green year-round. Modern artificial turf can be remarkably lifelike, meaning your lawn will appear natural and thrive in every season.

Artificial Turf Makes a Great First Impression

Landscaping is the first thing people see in your home. First impressions are everything, and high-quality artificial grass is a surefire way to make a great one.

For nearly 20 years, OC Turf & Putting Greens has been installing beautiful artificial grass lawns. Our products are the best in the industry. The look, feel and durability of our artificial grass are guaranteed to boost your curb appeal and enhance your home’s property value. 

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Three Reasons to Avoid DIY Artificial Grass Putting Green Installation

Installing an artificial turf putting green is one of the most fun and creative ways you can add to your backyard. Although artificial turf installation can be done on your own, residential artificial grass installation is best handled by a professional contractor.

DIY synthetic grass installation appears easy enough but may actually result in problems down the line. To help you get the best results from your artificial grass putting green installation, here are four important reasons to leave it to the pros.

You’re More Likely to Have a Weed Problem

A professional synthetic grass installation contractor will have the expertise to prevent any weeds from popping up through the surface of your turf. When you attempt to install a synthetic turf putting green yourself, you’re more likely to experience a weed problem later down the line.

You Might Experience Sinking

Foundation is everything with synthetic grass installation. A skilled contractor can ensure the base is perfectly leveled before laying your artificial turf to prevent sinking and sagging. 

Sinkage is more than just an aesthetic problem. Wherever standing water can collect, insects and bacteria will follow. 

Professional contractors have a level of expertise and access to tools far beyond that of the average homeowner. This allows them to create a perfectly flat surface and avoid any sinking problems.

Tears Will Be More Likely

Preventing damage is more than just choosing a high-quality artificial turf. Professionals have access to industry-standard tools to ensure your artificial turf is installed correctly and will last as long as possible with less likelihood of tears and other damage.

Why DIY when OC Turf & Putting Greens can create a stunning artificial grass lawn for you? OC Turf & Putting Greens has been at the forefront of the industry since 2004. Our products are services are the best in the industry – you’ll be blown away by the results of your synthetic grass installation. We’re committed to excellence in everything we do, and our team would love to hear about your next landscaping project. Call us today at (888) 526-2289 or contact us online to connect with a member of our team.