Three Reasons to Avoid DIY Artificial Grass Putting Green Installation

Installing an artificial turf putting green is one of the most fun and creative ways you can add to your backyard. Although artificial turf installation can be done on your own, residential artificial grass installation is best handled by a professional contractor.

DIY synthetic grass installation appears easy enough but may actually result in problems down the line. To help you get the best results from your artificial grass putting green installation, here are four important reasons to leave it to the pros.

You’re More Likely to Have a Weed Problem

A professional synthetic grass installation contractor will have the expertise to prevent any weeds from popping up through the surface of your turf. When you attempt to install a synthetic turf putting green yourself, you’re more likely to experience a weed problem later down the line.

You Might Experience Sinking

Foundation is everything with synthetic grass installation. A skilled contractor can ensure the base is perfectly leveled before laying your artificial turf to prevent sinking and sagging. 

Sinkage is more than just an aesthetic problem. Wherever standing water can collect, insects and bacteria will follow. 

Professional contractors have a level of expertise and access to tools far beyond that of the average homeowner. This allows them to create a perfectly flat surface and avoid any sinking problems.

Tears Will Be More Likely

Preventing damage is more than just choosing a high-quality artificial turf. Professionals have access to industry-standard tools to ensure your artificial turf is installed correctly and will last as long as possible with less likelihood of tears and other damage.

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