Weather Resistant Turf

Now that winter is finally here, it is important to know that synthetic grass is still a sustainable and low maintenance landscape alternative, no matter what the weather conditions are.

Through rain or snowfall, an artificial turf lawn is capable of withstanding all levels of harsh weather conditions. The grass blades are created with intricate composition and durable materials to ensure that the grass keeps its texture even in the most frigid climates. Whether you live in sunny southern California or endure rain or snow in the Midwest, your artificial turf lawn will stay plush and green all year long!

At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we provide each and every customer with the best possible products and pristine installs, ensuring that your turf is well suited for every season. Our turf’s permeated backing provides a drainage rate of about 30+ inches of rain per square yard per hour. No more muddy puddles on your lawn!

Our technologically advanced turf products provide the perfect landscape alternative for any household, business, or property. Backed by a 15 year warranty, we guarantee your synthetic grass lawn will stay beautiful and green no matter the weather!

4 Reasons Why You Deserve A New Lawn for Xmas

Even though December is the season of giving, we’re probably all guilty of buying gifts for ourselves. While some gifts are just small things, we think that there’s one thing that you deserve to gift yourself this Christmas – a new lawn.

While seasons come and go and the post holiday blues will be haunting you in January, your lawn will be the one thing that stays the same. It can be the ever so familiar brown, patchy mess that it currently is OR it can be a lush, green, and beautiful artificial grass alternative that you can appreciate for years to come.  

Here are some of the reasons that you deserve a new lawn for Christmas:

  1. YOU WORK HARD! That’s a fact. You go to work everyday and come home to a lawn that’s discolored, overgrown, and ugly. What kind of reward is that? You finally bought the home of your dreams and then you move in and have to stare at an ugly lawn all year long. It’s depressing and you deserve better. If you switch to artificial grass, your hard work is rewarded. You can pull in after a long day and confidently say that your house is the best looking house on the block. No brown spots. No dead patches. Just a lush and inviting lawn.  
  2. YOU JUST SPENT ALL THIS MONEY ON GIFTS! Your mom, your sister, your cousin once removed. You just spent all this money on them. Now you’re going to have a disgusting water bill on top of it? Who wants that? NO ONE! Choose turf and get rid of the excess water that you spend money on every month. No more programming sprinklers at ridiculous times to save on water costs. No more running them all summer long to keep your lawn green. Just an effortless green lawn that ultimately saved you a lot of money that you can now use for next season.   
  3. YOU DESERVE TO ENJOY CHRISTMAS! This season is all about family, love, and giving, but you’re going to spend your Christmas morning mowing the lawn? No way! You deserve to relax, refresh, and enjoy the smell of pine instead of gasoline. Get rid of the lawn mower and get turf instead.
  4. YOUR KIDS CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE DIFFICULT! It’s winter. It’s raining. It’s that time of year. The grass is going to be muddy and your freshly cleaned carpet is going to be the target of major mud tracking. Especially when your kids, nieces, nephews, and their dogs are going to be running around with their new toys. Protect your carpet and your kids with turf. Our synthetic grass products are high quality, durable, non-toxic and lead free, creating the perfect landscape alternative for any front yard, backyard, commercial property, putting green or playscape!

OC Turf & Putting Greens provides you with a synthetic grass present that you truly deserve! All of our products are backed by a 15 year warranty, ensuring your synthetic grass lawn will last you for years to come. You’re worth it.