Weather Resistant Turf

Now that winter is finally here, it is important to know that synthetic grass is still a sustainable and low maintenance landscape alternative, no matter what the weather conditions are.

Through rain or snowfall, an artificial turf lawn is capable of withstanding all levels of harsh weather conditions. The grass blades are created with intricate composition and durable materials to ensure that the grass keeps its texture even in the most frigid climates. Whether you live in sunny southern California or endure rain or snow in the Midwest, your artificial turf lawn will stay plush and green all year long!

At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we provide each and every customer with the best possible products and pristine installs, ensuring that your turf is well suited for every season. Our turf’s permeated backing provides a drainage rate of about 30+ inches of rain per square yard per hour. No more muddy puddles on your lawn!

Our technologically advanced turf products provide the perfect landscape alternative for any household, business, or property. Backed by a 15 year warranty, we guarantee your synthetic grass lawn will stay beautiful and green no matter the weather!