Why Infill is Important to Your Turf’s Health

When you’re installing a new artificial grass lawn in Laguna Niguel or the rest of Orange County, one of the most important considerations you’ll run into is what kind of infill you should use. You may find yourself asking if infill is even something you need to bother with. In the vast majority of cases, infill is needed for artificial grass in Orange County to preserve the health and integrity of your lawn. 


One of the most important aspects of infill is that it helps preserve the appearance and functionality of your synthetic turf lawn. Infill helps to weigh down artificial grass, which keeps it from wrinkling and sagging. Infill also helps individual blades of your synthetic turf stand upright and bounce back from being stepped on, which keeps them from flattening and looking matted. This is especially useful for areas that experience high amounts of foot traffic, like athletic fields or backyards. Lastly, infill can protect the backing material of the turf from the environment, especially the UV rays of the sun. The spots where turf blades are woven into the backing is where they are most susceptible to damage, but the presence of infill will help prevent them from being torn up.


Infill also helps make your lawn more comfortable for everyday use. Infill between the blades of synthetic turf helps make it feel more like natural grass, providing the same soft, cushioned feeling that soil does. Infill also provides impact absorption, so that if someone takes a fall while running or playing on it, they’re less likely to hurt themselves. Harsh sunlight and a lack of water can cause a natural grass lawn to dry up and harden, but synthetic turf infill is always soft and yielding.


The last major reason to use infill is that it helps with the maintenance of your lawn. A layer of infill in artificial grass helps regulate and control the flow of water and other fluids through the grass, ensuring proper drainage. If you own pets, infill can also be critical in controlling the smells they leave behind after they go to the bathroom. Pet urine is high in ammonia, which leaves unpleasant odors after it dries out. Certain types of infill, such as Durafill, are able to chemically neutralize this ammonia, ensuring that your lawn continues to smell fresh. 

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