TigerCool Technology

Summer is officially here and it’s the perfect time to discuss a new synthetic grass technology that’s offered in many of our products: TigerCool.

TigerCool yarns are engineered with heat reflective technology and U.V. inhibitors to drastically lower the temperature of your turf.  In fact, a series of solar panel tests have concluded that our TigerCool products are designed to reduce surface temperatures by 15% and up to 10 degrees!

When the turf blades absorb the infrared light, the cooling technology allows for those rays to be reflected. While absorbed infrared is transformed into heat, TigerCool aids in reflecting the infrared light causing decrease in heat build up.

TigerCool technology is featured on many of the best selling turf products we offer and will make any hot day a pleasant one. If you’re looking to lounge in the frontyard, backyard, or have family and friends over for BBQs, our TigerCool products are the perfect choice this summer!

All of our products are safe for children, pet friendly, and will last for years to come. Don’t let the heat ruin your outdoor activities! Ask us about your TigerCool product options today.