Three Reasons Artificial Grass is the Perfect Drought-Tolerant Landscape

Living in a drought-ridden state like California can make landscaping challenging. Many opt for stones or succulents, but these options don’t have the look or the functionality of natural grass. 

Artificial grass installation gives you the best of both worlds; you’ll get the water-saving benefits of sustainable landscaping options without compromising on the space you have for outdoor activities. We’ve broken down our three favorite things that make synthetic grass the best drought-tolerant landscaping.

1. Synthetic Grass is Sustainable

Natural grass requires a lot of maintenance in any circumstances, but the amount of upkeep it needs is astronomical during a drought. Your natural grass not only mandates constant mowing and fertilizing with harmful chemicals but also requires an average of 60 gallons of water per day.

Because artificial grass is made from plastic, you can expect to save close to one-third of your household water usage. Depending on where you live, you may even be eligible for rebates for installing eco-friendly artificial grass. 

When you switch to synthetic grass, you’re making your home or business a more environmentally friendly place. As California’s drought continues, investing in greener materials is the most intelligent way to fortify your home for years.

2. Artificial Grass is Resistant to the Elements

When temperatures start to rise, natural grass begins to suffer. Natural grass isn’t meant for hotter, drier climates – that’s why it begins to dry out and turn brown during a drought.

Artificial grass is the best way to achieve the look and feel of natural grass in a desert climate. Modern artificial turf technology is made from UV-resistant materials, so your artificial grass won’t fade under the sun. Its synthetic nature means you don’t have to run up your water bill to keep it green during a drought. 

Your outdoor surfaces will maintain their soft and green appearance no matter the weather, so you can continue to enjoy your favorite recreational activities. This makes artificial grass a perfect solution for families with everything from backyard playground systems to putting greens.

3. Modern Synthetic Turf is Beautiful

Gone are the days when you could easily pick an artificial grass lawn out of a row. Today’s modern artificial turf is incredibly realistic.

In fact, in desert climates, the giveaway for synthetic turf will probably be that it actually looks better than the rest of the neighborhood. While your neighbors are spending their weekends mowing and weeding, trying to salvage their grass, your artificial grass lawn will stay lush and green with minimal maintenance. 

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