Things to Know About Backyard Putting Green Bunkers

Golf enthusiasts seeking an authentic experience that closely resembles what can be found at golf courses can have it right on their property by installing an artificial turf putting green. Those who own, or are considering owning, an artificial turf backyard putting green, can enhance it by adding a bunker to it. Bunkers can add a layer of complexity by varying the elevation of the synthetic turf in certain areas of your backyard putting green. For those still unsure of the idea, here’s everything you need to know about backyard putting green bunkers.

What Is a Bunker?

A bunker is a sandy depressed area that serves as a golf course hazard. They are often found all over a course, sometimes at the sides of a fairway and in other instances, at the edge of a putting green. When golfers misplace their shot and have their ball land in a bunker, it can present a challenge for even the most experienced players. Its sandy terrain and lowered elevation make a bunker a difficult shot for any golfer.

How Is a Bunker Formed?

A bunker is typically made by creating a depressed area and filling it with layers to allow for a slope on one side. While many bunkers are filled with sand, some prefer it to feature artificial turf so that it can resemble the feel of a rough. Bunkers can differ from one another based on several factors like shape, slope, and depth.

What Should I Use for Hitting Out of a Bunker?

It can be tough to hit out of a bunker because of its sandy terrain and difficult angles. The right kind of shot will depend on your ball’s positioning in the bunker and the type of sand that it uses. Thinner sand will require more of a gentler and shorter swing with a wedge or smaller club. On the other hand, thicker and denser sand means that golfers will need a stronger swing with a heavier club to get it out of the bunker.

How Much Space Do I Need for a Bunker?

Bunkers come in numerous different sizes and can be adjusted to appropriately fit your backyard. Ultimately, the best approach will be to work with your installation team to formulate a design for both your putting green and bunker that works best for your circumstances. At OC Turf & Putting Greens, our team of experienced installers has been able to accommodate homeowners with backyards of all sizes.

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