The Technology of Artificial Grass

When artificial grass first launched, the technology and materials that were used to create realistic synthetic grass did not exist. The whole neighborhood would know if you had artificial turf, since it was lime green and very unrealistic. As technology has developed, turf started featuring multiple blade colors, longer blade lengths, and improved durability. There are now so many artificial grass options that enhance your home’s landscape with the updated products now available on the market.

TigerTurf has been a leader in innovation, and our products have always pushed the envelope. With materials manufactured by Tencate, a world renowned innovator in yarn blade technology, not only is artificial grass aesthetically beautiful, it is also engineered to withstand different levels of foot traffic with a variety of designated blade shapes. Each series features a blade shape that ranges in durability levels from light to heavy, allowing you to choose the perfect turf choice for your specific situation.

Our products feature brown thatches for added realism that blend in beautifully with any natural surrounding. Our inventory also features an efficient drainage system, vital for any landscape area that’s prone to flooding. In fact, our turf features a perforated backing that allows 30+ inches of rain to drain per square yard per hour, vastly better than a natural lawn!

Beautify your home by upgrading to a synthetic grass lawn. Today’s homeowners are busier than ever before. Make your life a bit easier with a low maintenance landscape alternative that is advanced, natural, and beautiful.