The Benefits of Artificial Grass for Apartment Complexes

Residential and commercial properties all over Laguna Niguel and the surrounding Orange County area are discovering the benefits of artificial grass. Artificial grass can be an excellent addition to apartment complexes because it allows residents to enjoy an evergreen common area while saving the property owner time and money. If you own an apartment complex in Laguna Niguel, consider these benefits of artificial grass for your property.

Artificial Grass Always Looks Good

A well-kept landscape makes an excellent first impression on prospective tenants or buyers. Where other properties will likely have weeds, overgrown grass, or brown patches, your apartment complex will always have premium curb appeal with synthetic grass that constantly looks beautifully green and perfectly trimmed. It’s also cleaner and more worry-free for residents that enjoy the common areas. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the artificial grass without worrying about dirt, mud, or stains. When it rains, the efficient drainage system will also ensure that the grass is dry and ready to be enjoyed after only an hour or two, and no dirt means no mud even during the heaviest storms. Don’t give in to desert landscaping just yet; make your apartment complex look lush and well-maintained with artificial grass installation today.

Artificial Grass is Extremely Durable

With real grass, heavy amounts of foot traffic mean unavoidable dead patches that can look unsightly and reflect poorly on your property. With artificial grass, you can choose a product specifically made for your expected amount of foot traffic, so you never need to worry about durability or damage. Our products come in a range of pile heights and face weights, which means we can provide anything from luxurious, lightweight grass to extremely durable turf that can withstand even the highest amounts of foot traffic. By choosing a synthetic grass product that’s right for your property’s needs, you and your tenants can enjoy luxurious green grass all year without any worry.

Save Time & Money with Artificial Grass

Because synthetic grass is made with polyethylene material, it never needs to be trimmed, re-sodded, or watered. That means there’s no need to hire a landscaper or create a grass cutting schedule. Your maintenance staff can dedicate their time to other projects, time that would otherwise be wasted on repetitive necessities like mowing and edging your apartment complex’s grass. You also don’t need to regularly water artificial grass, which eliminates the need for a costly irrigation system and daily water use. This greatly reduces your apartment complex’s water bill each month, as more than half of a residence’s water expense comes from outdoor use. Any spills, pet waste, or other messes can be easily hosed down for cleaning, but regular watering is a worry (and expense) of the past.

If you’re a property manager or building owner looking to purchase artificial grass for your  Laguna Niguel apartment complex, call OC Turf & Putting Greens. We’ve proudly served the Orange County area for 15 years, and our team of friendly experts can help guide you in choosing the best option for your building’s needs. Call us at (888) 526-2289 today for more information including a free, no-obligation estimate.