How Does Artificial Grass Installation Boost Your Home’s Property Value?

Your home’s landscaping is the first thing potential buyers will see when they view the property. If you’re selling your home or planning to sell in the future, artificial grass installation is a great way to boost your property value!

From Laguna Niguel to the South Bay, more and more homeowners are replacing their natural landscaping with synthetic grass. Below are four reasons why Southern California homeowners are choosing artificial grass installation.

Synthetic Grass Always Looks Incredible 

When you have natural grass, the look of your lawn is affected by numerous factors. Pet use, harsh weather, and even heavy foot traffic will cause brown spots.

Because it’s an inorganic material, artificial turf is far more durable than natural grass. Your landscaping will look green and lush all year round!

Your Landscaping Will Require Less Maintenance

In desert climates like Orange County, maintaining natural grass is no small feat. Who wants to spend every weekend mowing, watering and fertilizing? Not to mention the cost that goes into that maintenance!

Artificial grass installation is ideal for busy homeowners. While your neighbors are spending their free time working in the yard, yours will stay perfectly manicured all on its own.

Artificial Grass is Drought-Friendly

The water, gasoline and pesticides that go into natural grass maintenance take a toll on more than just your wallet. Landscaping maintenance can have a significant environmental impact; it’s estimated that around 30 percent of your household’s water usage goes to outdoor areas!

Synthetic grass installation is an excellent way to make your home more eco-friendly and water-conscious. As California continues to navigate a drought, replacing your natural grass with artificial turf will help you do your part in saving water.

Your Lawn Will Be Child and Pet-Safe

For home buyers with growing families, outdoor spaces are a top priority. Because it’s free from pesticides, allergens and pests, artificial turf is a major selling point for families with small children!

For nearly 20 years, OC Turf & Putting Greens has transformed countless homes across Southern California. Our artificial turf installation contractors will create stunning and sustainable outdoor areas that will last for years to come – backed by our 15-year prorated warranty. For more information about our services, give us a call at (888) 526-2289 or contact us online today!