High Traffic, Low Maintenance: Why Artificial Turf Is the Best Choice for Busy Properties

Artificial turf in Laguna Niguel provides all of the benefits of a lush, evergreen lawn and then some! Installing synthetic grass creates a safe, clean environment that saves you thousands on maintenance costs and equipment.

Synthetic grass products are especially beneficial to high-traffic areas. These spaces demand higher levels of durability with the same luxury aesthetic. Artificial grass is the perfect solution for backyards and businesses with frequent foot traffic. 

Read on to learn how artificial grass in Orange County can transform your landscape!

Improve Sustainability

It takes vast resources to maintain a lawn of any size, especially during fierce California summers. Daily watering, fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides are costly and cause damage to the environment over time.

High-traffic areas, given that they experience more wear and need to maintain a certain aesthetic appeal, use more resources than low-traffic areas. However, you can enjoy the same verdant appearance without dumping tons of water onto your lawn.

Residential turf is engineered to present a thriving, freshly-grown lawn appearance without the daily watering required by natural grass landscapes. This helps you improve your water conservation and save up to 70 percent on water bills.

Noise Management

Heavier foot traffic means more people, which means more noise. A backyard barbeque is known for lively conversations and barrels of laughter. However, you may want to maintain a certain noise level out of courtesy to your neighbors. 

Artificial grass is a phenomenal insulator. It will soak up noise from guests and passing cars, fostering a quiet environment. This trait makes artificial turf products ideal for late-night neighborhood gatherings.

One significant way that synthetic turf eliminates intrusive noise is its low-maintenance design. There is no need to mow artificial grass. Say goodbye to boisterous lawnmowers that drive your family and neighbors wild.

Low-Maintenance Cleaning

Creating a space where several people can gather requires extensive maintenance. Not only do you need to mow your lawn regularly, but you also need to remove weeds and clean up after pet messes. Artificial grass eliminates the need for almost all of this hassle.

Advanced drainage systems reduce pet messes and prevent odors. Antimicrobial infill tackles any remaining bacteria to create a healthy environment. This technology is especially helpful to businesses that may want to avoid cleaning up after dog walkers.

All you need to do to keep a clean artificial grass lawn is rinse it down a few times a month. Presto! Your lawn will look as fresh as the day it was first installed.

Commercial Turf Advantages

Commercial turf is the perfect solution for business owners looking to elevate their storefronts to attract new customers. It provides a luxury facade without the hassle or cost of maintenance. This is an efficient method to reduce overhead and widen margins.

Popular businesses experience elevated foot traffic. This is great for sales but not for your lawn. It can result in a dampened, scuffed-up landscape that requires regular maintenance to stay fresh and appealing.

Commercial turf products are engineered with robust backings that hold turf fibers in place throughout the day. Every customer, from first to last, will enjoy the same pristine landscape upon entering your establishment.

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