Here’s How Pet Turf Installation Creates a Paradise for Your Pup

To homeowners, their lawn is a place to sit, relax and bask in the beauty of their pristine landscape. To their dogs, however, a lawn is an extravagant space for play, exploration and—yes, going to the bathroom.

Artificial turf installation is the perfect way to create a paradise for your pets in Orange County. A comprehensive pet turf system creates a safe place for your furry friends to play while making clean-up easier for homeowners.

Read on to learn how to create the ideal landscape for your dogs using synthetic grass.

Create a Pet Zone

There’s no need to install synthetic turf throughout your entire yard just to accommodate your favorite pup. Give them a soft, cushioned space for playtime and relaxation by installing artificial grass in a designated area in your yard.

Pet turf is specially designed with a durable tuft bind that resists tears during vigorous playtime. The cushioned installation and a cooling infill create a comfortable space for your pet, especially during those hot Orange County summers.

Designating a space for your pet will ensure other areas of your landscape remain pristine and unbothered by your romping pups. 

Potty Train with Synthetic Turf

Potty training your pup is a common challenge for every dog owner. Synthetic grass can help by giving them a specific area outdoors to practice this skill. Artificial turf is bacteria and odor-free with an efficient drainage system that makes quick work of pet messes.

Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance following pet messes. Simply rinse your lawn with soap and water, a manageable task if the pet-friendly turf is limited to a specific area. Antimicrobial infill prevents further bacteria growth. 

Synthetic turf products help potty train your pets with specially designed construction that looks and feels like natural grass. Your dog won’t know the difference!  

Benefits of High-Quality Infill

Perfect your puppy paradise using high-quality infill, which adds ballast and boosts artificial grass pile heights for a lush appearance. Infill support has the added benefit of creating a softer surface for your dogs to pad around on.

Infill protects synthetic grass from damage, too. Intense weather, high foot traffic and the rowdiest pups won’t be able to damage your pristine lawn. Premium infill is the last step in realizing your dream landscape with artificial turf. 

Great for Dogs and Dog Owners

The unique construction of pet turf allows homeowners to create the perfect outdoor oasis for their furry friends. OC Turf & Putting Greens has high-quality turf products and expert installation to transform your landscape.

Dogs will love the natural feel and safe environment, while owners will appreciate the low-maintenance upkeep and clean landscape. Artificial turf is a win-win for dogs and dog owners alike. Call OC Turf & Putting Greens at 888-526-2289 or contact us online for premium pet turf installation in Laguna Niguel.