Get Green for Saint Patrick’s Day

This St. Patrick’s Season, not only can you get green and save green, but you can also GO GREEN with artificial grass! Synthetic turf will save you time and money and will help you be eco-friendly, all while your lawn looks perfectly green and luscious.

Water Conservation and Rebates

Despite the recent rainy-season in Southern California, Orange County is typically dry and prone to drought. That’s why many SoCal residents do their best to conserve water as much as possible. Also, many water districts offer rebates for artificial grass installations, which gives even more reason to get your installation done now!

Eco-Friendly and No More Lawn Maintenance

You can also save time and money on lawn maintenance! No more mowing the lawn and no more fertilizing and weeding the yard. By not having to do maintenance on your lawn, or paying someone else to take care of it, you can save money and time! Additionally, fertilizers and other similar lawn chemicals are wasted and become runoff. This runoff can contaminate water and is dangerous to animals and humans. Since you don’t have to use fertilizers or other chemicals anymore with your artificial turf lawn, you’re doing your part in saving the environment and being eco-friendly.

Forever Green Oasis

With artificial grass, there will be no mud, puddles, or brown spots! It’s guaranteed to always be green. So during those rainy days in SoCal, your synthetic lawn will drain all of the water, leaving behind no puddles or mud so your synthetic grass oasis will look perfect year round. Artificial grass is made to never fade and is even inhibited with UV protection, meaning your green grass will last you for YEARS to come.

An artificial grass lawn saves you time, money, water, and helps the environment, so it only makes sense to get green! On top of the many benefits that artificial grass has, all of our products here at OC Turf & Putting Greens are non-toxic and lead-free, making it a perfect and safe landscape alternative for kids and pets.