Envirofill for Artificial Grass

When installing artificial grass into a home or business, the job completes with an infill product. Infill is a layer of sand or rubber used in between fibers of turf to add cushion and keep them upright. Different synthetic grass products may require different infill types, but Envirofill is widely used across America.

Envirofill is an acrylic coated sand with both anti-microbial and non-abrasive properties. It’s unique in a variety of ways including its green coloring, helping it to blend with the blades of the artificial grass. Using Envirofill inhibits bacteria growth and isn’t harmful to the turf, kids, or animals. Each bag is non-toxic, lead-free, and does not absorb pet odor so anyone can enjoy the artificial lawn worry free.

Because of its unique, rounded design, the infill avoids compacting together allowing for better drainage than other traditional infill products. Envirofill comes in two different sizes so you can use it for putting green installations, keeping the ball rolling as intended. The coating is built for durability, withstanding drastic temperature changes, harsh elements, and water cycles. It also remains 25% cooler than other rubber infill alternatives making it the perfect pairing in Southern California weather.

Without a doubt, we stand by our use of Envirofill and know you will love the positive effects it has on your artificial grass installation. If you’re looking to upgrade your natural lawn to the evergreen of synthetic grass, make sure to give OC Turf and Putting Greens a call at (888) 526-2289!