Choosing the Right Turf Blade Shape

When trying to choose the right type of synthetic turf in Orange County, there are many different considerations you need to make. The face weight, drainage rates, color combinations, and other aspects are all things you need to take into account when making a choice. One characteristic you may not be thinking of, however, is the turf’s blade shape. Also known as the blade profile, blade shape is critical for achieving the look and function you want for your lawn. Blade shape helps make artificial grass look natural, helps it hold up against foot traffic, and can even help your lawn keep cool on hot days. Choosing the right turf blade shape can help ensure you enjoy your Laguna Niguel lawn for years to come. 


One major advantage of turf blades shaped like S’s is that they can look more like natural grass than flatter blade shapes. This is because the curves of the S reduce the flat surface area of the blade which, in turn, means they reflect less sunlight. Reflected sunlight creates a mirroring effect on turf that can make synthetic turf look more white than green, which the S-shape reduces. S-blade turf is also very soft to the touch thanks to these curved edges. S-shaped artificial grass occupies the middle ground in terms of resilience and is usually used in areas with moderate amounts of foot traffic. 


An extremely durable turf blade shape, the M-shape spreads pressure across several separate points of the blade rather than just one. This means that as people and animals walk on the turf, the blade experiences pressure on multiple spots rather than just one, preventing the blade from tearing. This makes artificial grass with M-shaped blades ideal for landscapes and lawns that experience heavy amounts of foot traffic, including sports fields and athletic facilities.


Diamond blade-shaped turf creates a soft and luxurious feel while mimicking the appearance of natural grass. Because it is so soft to the touch, diamond-shaped artificial turf is often best used in front lawns and landscapes that receive low to medium amounts of foot traffic and can emphasize its aesthetic qualities. 


A more complex shape that resembles the ancient Greek letter, omega-shaped synthetic turf is often used for very high-durability applications, such as pet turf. It is also usually seen with shorter pile heights to further enhance its resilience.


W-shaped turf blades are some of the newest types of turf to be introduced on the synthetic turf market. W-shaped turf blades are both ultra-realistic and durable, with the ability to return to their original shape even after heavy amounts of foot traffic. The unique shape of these blades also helps disperse heat due to their light-diffusing qualities. Instead of absorbing sunlight and the heat that comes with it, they reflect it away which can result in a cooler lawn versus other blade shapes. 

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