5 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Installing Synthetic Pet Turf

If you’ve got a dog at home, chances are you won’t mind saying goodbye to all the muddy paw prints that endlessly track in from outdoors. Installing pet-safe artificial grass is an increasingly popular choice among homeowners in South Bay and Laguna Niguel seeking a low-maintenance artificial lawn solution and often more comfortable space for their four-legged friends. However, before taking advantage of an artificial grass installation, it is important to ask yourself these five questions. 

How Many Dogs Do You Have and How Large Are They?

These two questions play into each other. At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we design our pet turf landscapes to accommodate various breeds, but you should still factor in your dog’s needs. Consider the space you are working in. 

A small dog may be able to play on a small artificial grass lawn with no problems, but multiple small dogs may create a claustrophobic space. Conversely, one big dog on a small artificial grass lawn may be fine. By providing our artificial grass installers with this information, we can best find the solution that works for your Orange County, CA residential property. 

What Is the Purpose of Your Pet Turf?

The purpose of your pet turf plays a crucial role in determining the design and functionality of your synthetic grass lawn. Whether you want to create an enjoyable play area for your furry friend or simply seek a designated restroom space, understanding these needs is essential. Trust in our artificial grass installation expertise as we work closely with you to create a rewarding pet-friendly environment. 

Where Is the Location of Your Artificial Grass Installation?

Where you install your artificial grass lawn makes all the difference for your pets. We specialize in indoor and outdoor synthetic grass installations depending on your property type and your preferences. One popular option among urban residents is installing artificial grass on balconies, providing a convenient and effortless way to give your furry friends the freedom to relieve themselves. 

How Safe is Artificial Grass for Dogs?

Artificial grass is made with zero toxins or harsh chemicals, making it perfectly safe for dogs and pets of many kinds. Since it is a synthetic material, you won’t have to worry about treating it with pesticides or herbicides to keep it looking green and healthy. Durafill ensures that pet urine build-up does not cause bacteria growth on your artificial grass lawn, even in harsh sunlight. 

Does Pet Turf Last a Long Time?

Yes! Pet Turf is designed with the same philosophy as our other artificial turf products: combining durability with functionality. Every one of our artificial grass installations is set to last 15 years or more. We ensure that by incorporating UV protection and our 15-year prorated warranty. Even under the pressure of paws, pet turf withstands all pressure with maximum strength.

OC Turf & Putting Greens provides pets with the best artificial grass installation in Orange County, CA. With reasonable prices and expert service, we set out to give it our all with each synthetic turf project we do. All mammals love our artificial grass products – just check out our raving reviews! If pet turf looks right for you, call us at 888-526-2289 or fill out our contact form for a free quote.