3 Surprising Ways Turf Benefits Your Poolside Experience

In the state of California alone, there are over 1.18 million residential swimming pools, making it the state with the most pools in all of the United States. Can you believe it? Many residents have found that having a pool in their own backyard is a wonderful and luxurious investment, but some are even happier with the synthetic grass installation around it. Pool turf installation is the perfect choice for your backyard and here’s why:

1. Aesthetics – It Simply Looks Better

No matter how much artificial turf you decide to install, the pop of color from the never fading green will make your backyard and swimming area more inviting and beautiful than just concrete. The evergreen turf is unique and will be customized to your vision and property. It can be installed up to the pool’s edge, making the landscape seamless and look relaxing. The synthetic grass next to the water makes your backyard a naturalistic oasis.

2. Clean and Contamination-Free

The green-alternative to turf is natural grass, but there are a few problems that come with it apart from the lawn maintenance. As soon as you get out of the pool and step into real grass, the dirt beneath you will become mud. Your dirty feet will collect mud, stray grass blades, and other debris which then will be trekked across the yard, into your home, or back into the pool. Synthetic grass will drain the pool water so there won’t be any mud, and the built-to-last material will prevent stray grass blades from going anywhere.

3. Better Drainage, Less Puddles & Increased Safety

All of our residential turf products have a drainage rate of 28 inches of rain per hour per square yard, meaning our turf is more than capable of draining excess water that splash out of the pool or drip off while you’re drying. Natural grass will result in mud puddles and concrete will result in puddles of water; both of which can be very slick and slippery. No more fear of falling when people are walking a little too fast (or running) around the pool! Turf will be much cooler than concrete, literally. With TigerCool (which is in 2/3 of our residential turf products), you’ll be comfortably walking barefoot before and after your swim.

With these 3 amazing benefits, artificial turf is shaping out to be the prime choice to be next to your pool. Convinced you have the perfect solution for your poolside experience yet? Give us a call and we’d love to help you pick the perfect synthetic grass product and landscaping design for your backyard.