Pet Turf Can Keep Your Furry Friends Safer, Longer; Here’s How

Our furry friends are a core part of our family. Therefore, we want to ensure they have everything they need to live happy, healthy lives. Contrary to popular opinion, natural grass may not be best for our furry friends.

Improve the quality of your dog’s life with artificial turf that provides the comfort they deserve. In many ways, synthetic grass is a healthier alternative. They especially appeal to those living in hot climates like Orange County or Laguna Niguel.

Read on to discover the many benefits of pet turf. 

Soft on Their Paws

Exceptional hot days create a burning environment that hurts your little one’s paws. Desert climates like Orange County are particularly challenging, turning natural lawns into a ragged patch of uncomfortable terrain.

When dogs don’t have comfortable roaming space, they’re more likely to go to the bathroom indoors. Avoid this discomfort by installing artificial grass with the same delightful feel as natural grass. Cooling infills can be installed to prevent overheating on days of blazing sun.

Artificial turf provides your furry friend with a private backyard dog park.

No Harmful Chemicals or Allergies

Maintaining natural grass requires pesticides and chemicals that can harm unsuspecting dogs. Prevent this by installing artificial grass that requires no harmful chemicals to maintain its vivid, luxurious appearance.

Synthetic turf is always green, so there is no need to worry about yellowing or pesky weeds. It eliminates the need for fertilizers. Your dog can sniff freely without running into or consuming harmful chemicals.

Create the safest environment for your dog to play with pet-friendly turf. Stain-free turf and drainage systems reduce messes and the need for maintenance. Synthetic grass installation is a win-win for you and your furriest family member.

Pest Free

Artificial turf installation protects your dog from harmful ticks, fleas, and insects. Synthetic grass creates an uninhabitable environment for pests, reducing the likelihood of your dog encountering them during playtime.

Pests are more than an inconvenience. Dogs are susceptible to tick diseases, which can threaten their health, and bites aren’t always easy to see through their fur. The best way to protect them is by removing these pests entirely.

Save yourself the stress and a pricey trip to the vet by installing artificial turf in your yard. Ticks, fleas, and mosquitos will leave your home for more comfortable, natural yards.

Give Your Dog the Pet Park They Deserve

Create a picture-perfect dog park for your furry friend with OC Turf & Putting Greens. Our synthetic grass experts can work with you to design a safe and beautiful environment for the whole family. A variety of turf styles are available to suit your needs.

Artificial pet turf is safer and more comfortable for your dog than natural grass, which requires chemicals and pesticides to maintain its verdant appeal. Turf grass also reduces the likelihood of disease-spreading pests biting your dog and causing illness and injury.

Contact us today at 888-526-2289 or online to begin your synthetic turf installation. It’s the first step in creating the ideal space for your furry friends to grow and play.

How Can Landlords Save Money With Artificial Grass Installation

Attracting tenants is a crucial challenge for landlords looking to grow their business. An efficient and cost-effective method is to install artificial turf landscaping. Synthetic grass creates a picturesque, luxurious appearance that tenants will love.

The benefits of a synthetic turf installation go well beyond curb appeal. It can lower your maintenance costs, increase your margins and provide extra funds for improving different aspects of your property. Read on to learn more about these benefits and others.  

Perfect Appearance All Year

Residential lawns aren’t the only ones that can benefit from artificial grass. Commercial properties can boost their value and appeal. While natural grass withers during the colder months, synthetic turf maintains a freshly grown look no matter the season.

The pristine evergreen appearance of artificial grass is especially beneficial to landlords in hot climates, such as Orange County or South Bay. The heat saps natural lawns of their alluring color, leaving your property starved.

This vivid green appearance increases tenant satisfaction with your property while attracting new ones. It makes listing your property more manageable, too. There’s no need to wait for the right season to capture ideal images. 

Lower Maintenance and Costs

Remove the cost and hassle of regular watering, fertilizing and mowing. Artificial turf maintains its beautiful appearance without pricey resources or hours of work. You can use these savings to boost other areas of your property.

Lowered maintenance means lowered costs for landlords and tenants. Tenant satisfaction will increase as their utility bills decrease, improving tenant retention. That’s less time you have to spend looking for new renters. 

Pet Friendly

Synthetic turf installation provides unique opportunities to create property selling points. Pet-friendly turf will attract tenants with furry friends. Install a dedicated pet turf area to provide tenants with a pristine, stain-free dog playground.

Specially-designed artificial grass gives dogs everything they love without the hassle of excessive clean-ups and maintenance associated with natural grass. It’s especially appealing for residents of desert climates like Orange County who struggle to maintain natural lawns for their pups.

Synthetic grass provides fun landscaping potential with pet turf, playground turf and putting greens. These unique additions are a cost-effective way to boost property appeal.

A Great Investment for Landlords

Artificial turf provides several benefits for landlords looking to attract new renters. Their low-maintenance appearance offers a pristine, luxury environment all year. Hotter climates can benefit from sun-proof synthetic grass.

Save money and time on maintenance, boosting tenant satisfaction as their utility bills go down. This provides an impactful selling point for your property as tenants search for accessible deals. These benefits are compounded by functional and entertaining landscape options such as pet turf and putting greens.

If you’re ready to transform your property with artificial grass, call us at OC Turf & Putting Greens at 888-526-2289 or contact us online to start your installation today.