Why Are Synthetic Grass Putting Greens the Preferred Choice for Kids?

Laguna Niguel offers a great opportunity for homes with spacious backyards. A growing number of families have been choosing synthetic turf putting greens for their outdoor spaces, and at OC Turf & Putting Greens, we’re ready to provide that at the highest quality. This isn’t just for the avid golfers in the family; kids are major beneficiaries of these installations as well. Here’s why:

1. Chemical-Free Play Ensures Child Safety

At OC Turf & Putting Greens, child safety is our top priority. Our synthetic grass promises a chemical-free environment, eliminating the concerns of harmful pesticides and fertilizers that are often prevalent in natural grass. Without these chemicals, children can play freely without parents worrying about potential health risks.

2. Shock-Absorbent Surfaces Reduce Injuries

One of the standout features of synthetic turf is its shock-absorbent nature. As we’re sure you parents know, kids are naturally energetic and prone to falls during play. The soft, cushioned surface of our putting greens is designed to minimize impact, reducing the chances of bruises or more severe injuries. It’s like having a safety net right under their feet!

3. Gets Their Fitness and Health in Order

With the ever-increasing technology in the world that is driving your children to screens, getting kids outside can sometimes be a challenge. Our putting greens offer a unique solution. Golf, though seemingly leisurely, promotes physical activity, which assists in enhancing flexibility, balance and coordination. Every putt requires focus, calculation, and movement, ensuring kids get a well-rounded physical experience while enjoying the game.

Even if your kids choose not to play, there are endless activities for your children to partake in on our artificial turf that’s both safe and fun.

4. Why Parents Love Putting Greens for Kids

Beyond the obvious health and safety benefits, parents adore synthetic grass putting greens for the educational and developmental advantages they bring. Golf teaches patience, discipline, and strategic thinking. By fostering these skills early on, children not only become better players but also learn values that benefit them in other sectors of life.

Laguna Niguel’s family-friendly neighborhoods are witnessing a trend of homes incorporating these child-centric putting greens. If you’re contemplating elevating your backyard with a feature that promises fun, learning, and safety for your children, explore our diverse range of putting green products.

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3 Creative Ways to Add Artificial Grass to Larger Backyards

Scenic Laguna Niguel, nestled within south Orange County, offers a perfect backdrop for homeowners with spacious backyards. With the innovation of artificial grass, you can transform these broad spaces into aesthetic masterpieces that can be used for anything you please. 

Let’s dive into three unique applications of synthetic turf tailored for large outdoor areas:

1. Installing an Expansive Putting Green

For golf enthusiasts in Laguna Niguel, a big backyard represents untapped potential. Imagine the simplicity of stepping out onto your very own putting green every morning. With artificial grass, you can recreate the authentic feel of a golf course right at your home. 

Not only does synthetic turf offer a space for personal recreation, it also elevates the aesthetic appeal of the yard as well. Our putting greens are extremely low-maintenance and ensure you have a perfect play area throughout the year.  

2. Pool Surroundings: A Splash of Green

Pools are an integral part of many Laguna Niguel homes. Enhancing the pool area with synthetic grass offers a fresh, green touch while ensuring safety. The non-slip nature of artificial turf ensures a safer poolside, reducing the chances of slips and falls. With the aesthetic appeal of the grass, your pool area becomes more than just a place to swim; it provides vacation-like beauty and relaxation.

3. Crafting a Safe Play Area for Kids and Pets

With space not being an issue, your backyard can house a play paradise for both kids and pets. Synthetic turf, especially our pet turf, offers a cushioned and safe surface, free from mud, pests and allergens. It’s easy on the little feet and paws while being strong enough to handle the energetic play. You can install swings or even a sandbox on the green carpet, and relax while the whole family has hours of safe and clean fun.

Laguna Niguel homeowners are continuously looking for ways to leverage the vast spaces they possess. At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we believe that with the right touch of artificial grass, every backyard, regardless of its size, can be turned into a personal haven. 

Ready to transform your space? Call us at 888-526-2289 or contact us at OC Turf & Putting Greens and let’s bring your vision to life.