Five Ways Artificial Grass is Perfect for Persons with Physical Disabilities

At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we believe everyone deserves worry-free access to beautiful outdoor spaces. Whether you’re installing a simple backyard garden or a large public park, artificial grass is one of the best ways to ensure persons with physical disabilities will be able to enjoy it.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ways that artificial grass installation can make your outdoor areas more accessible.

Synthetic Grass is a Smooth, Even Surface

Long, natural grass blades can disguise holes or divots in the ground. This creates a severe trip hazard for everyone, especially for persons with a physical disability. 

Part of the artificial grass installation process is leveling the ground beneath the turf. This results in a perfectly flat, even surface ideal for those who use a mobility aid or otherwise have a physical disability. 

Artificial Turf is More Wheelchair-Friendly than Natural Grass

Outdoor areas, like gardens, present several hazards for people who use wheelchairs. Gravel, slate and bark are all common materials that make it difficult for wheels to turn properly. Rainfall can also play a role, as it can cause the ground to become too uneven or muddy for wheelchair users to navigate.

Artificial turf is smoother, sturdier and equipped with highly-efficient drainage to make it unaffected by the elements. This makes synthetic grass a superior material for creating wheelchair-accessible outdoor areas.

Gardening is More Accessible

Garden beds are usually at ground level, which isn’t accessible for everyone.

Artificial grass lawns blend seamlessly with raised garden beds, which are far easier for people who have trouble bending down to use. Today’s artificial grass technology is incredibly lifelike, resulting in gardens that look every bit as real as those with natural grass pathways.

Synthetic Grass Requires Less Maintenance 

Natural grass lawns are demanding. They require near-constant watering, fertilizing, mowing and weeding – all tasks that can be difficult for gardeners who have difficulty with mobility.

Because it is an inorganic material, artificial grass will never require watering or mowing to look its best. It’s also installed over a weed membrane, so you’ll never have to worry about weeds popping up and taking over your yard.

Artificial Grass Installation is Customizable

Your installation contractor can cut synthetic turf to fit nearly any size or space. Your artificial grass installer will easily work around accessibility features like ramps and paved pathways to create the outdoor space of your dreams without compromising on safety.

The customizability of artificial grass is one of the things we love most about it. Because it’s such a versatile material, our synthetic grass installation contractors are able to create accessible, unique and beautiful landscapes that would be impossible with any other material. 

We deeply understand the importance of creating outdoor spaces that are accessible to persons with disabilities. At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we’re attentive to every question, comment or concern you may have. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make the accessible landscape of your dreams a reality. Give us a call today at (888) 526-2289, or contact us online to get started today.

The Best Ways to Prepare Your Home for Your Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial grass installation is the leading way that Southern Californians are upgrading their landscaping. It’s easy to see why: artificial grass is an eco-friendly, cost-effective way to have a beautiful green lawn year-round. 

Like any major renovation, artificial grass installation can feel a bit daunting. If you’re used to natural grass, you could be nervous that artificial turf won’t be as functional or look as natural as other lawns. 

Fortunately, there are tried and true ways to prepare your lawn for installation that will guarantee a flawless result. To help you prepare for install day, here are four simple steps to ensure your new yard will look as seamless and lifelike as possible.

Figure Out Your Ground Conditions

The first step in a successful artificial grass installation is determining what kind of soil you’ll be putting the turf over. The soil type, pH level and drainage capabilities of the ground will determine the sort of infill and aggregate you’ll need.

Not everyone is familiar with (or interested in) soil types. If you’re uncertain about analyzing your grounds, your synthetic grass installer will gladly help you figure out what you’re working with.

Remove Anything That Could Get in the Way

For best results, you’ll want to remove anything that could make the surface underneath your synthetic grass uneven.

The first thing to address is weeds. You should pull every weed growing in your yard and apply some form of weed protection to prevent any new ones from popping up. Spraying weed killer right before your artificial grass installation is ideal.

Secondly, you should remove the topsoil where your contractor will install your synthetic grass. Doing this will create a flat, smooth surface free of any rocks or sod that could cause bumps on the surface of your artificial grass.

Level Out the Area Where Your Artificial Grass Will Be Installed

A level laying area is essential to a proper artificial grass installation. After topsoil and weeds have been removed, carefully examine your land and ensure it’s completely smooth. 

If you do find any bumps or ridges, make sure to tell your artificial turf installer.

Figure Out What Your Main Use for Your Artificial Grass Will Be

These days, synthetic turf comes in a wide variety of styles. You’ll want to determine your primary use for your lawn – whether that’s playing with your pets, hosting events or squeezing in some putting practice. The main use for your lawn will help you decide which type of artificial turf is right for your outdoor spaces.

From pile heights to blade shapes, we’re here to help you understand all you need to know for a successful artificial turf installation. Landscaping renovations are a big undertaking – working with the professionals at OC Turf & Putting Greens makes them a breeze. From residential to commercial projects, we’re all about transforming Orange County and beyond with flawless synthetic turf installations. Contact us today at (888) 526-2289, or contact us online to get started.