5 Amazing Custom Putting Green Design Inspirations

If you want to install a putting green in your residential or commercial property, you know that the options are virtually limitless. Artificial grass putting greens can be entirely customized to your available space and terrain, so the OC Turf & Putting Greens team can bring any dream you have to life. With so many possibilities, some clients don’t know where to start with designing their yard. If you’re in need of inspiration, here are some amazing custom putting greens that we hope will spark your creativity when dreaming up your synthetic turf landscape.

1. The Office Getaway

Do you want to be boss of the year? Installing a putting green outside your office building, like the one seen here, is guaranteed to be a hit with staff. Employees can relax and recharge after work or during lunch by enjoying some casual golf practice. Encourage team bonding and make it easier for staff to get to know each other by incorporating interactive landscaping elements with a custom putting green. Since all of our putting greens are made with synthetic grass, they never need to be mowed, fertilized, or otherwise maintained the same way that a natural grass putting green would. This helps you cut down on landscaping expenses, allowing you to dedicate more time and money to growing your business.

2. The Side Yard

If you think you don’t have enough backyard space for a putting green, think again. Since synthetic grass putting greens are entirely customizable, they can be incorporated into even the smallest and most awkwardly-shaped spaces. If you have a narrow side yard that is otherwise unusable, turn it into a putting paradise with the help of OC Turf & Putting Greens. 

3. The Backyard That Has Everything

This homeowner wanted a little bit of everything, and you can have it all too! Custom putting greens can be shaped around any pools, basketball courts, driveways, or other backyard features to give you an outdoor space filled with tons of options for endless fun. Artificial grass landscaping pairs beautifully with hardscaping, so you can use the juxtaposition of both to create stunning stone pathways, latticed driveway designs, sports fields, basketball courts, pool decks, and more.

4. The Level Up

Hilly terrain, terraced yards, and other landscaping challenges are no match for OC Turf & Putting Greens. We can take any uneven, unusable terrain and transform it into a tiered putting green complete with contours and bunkers. Surround the area with stone work, flowers, and other landscape design elements to make your previously unusable space into an intentional, well-designed, functional space for the whole family to enjoy.

5. The Secret Garden

If you love to practice your short game, but you don’t like the appearance of a putting green in your backyard, turn it into a secret oasis like the homeowner above. Disguising your putting green under the protection of a gazebo, canopy, or other structure will not only enhance the appearance of your backyard, but it will also protect your putting green from the elements and allow you to putt in the comfort of the shade. Drape your covering in ivy, flowers, and other greenery to create a secret garden that will amaze all of your family, friends, and guests.

No matter what putting green design you dream up, OC Turf & Putting Greens can help make it a reality. We’ll work with you from initial design to final clean-up to ensure that you receive the putting green of your dreams. We offer a variety of market-leading artificial grass products engineered specifically to replicate the look and feel of authentic bentgrass. Paired with our 5-star customer service and installation quality, you’ll be happy you chose OC Turf. Give us a call today at (888) 526-2289 to find out more about our services or to receive a free estimate for your next project.

The Perfect Summer Activities for Synthetic Turf

At OC Turf and Putting Greens, we hear all the time how much homeowners love the appearance of artificial grass. Having a vibrant green lawn year-round with virtually no maintenance sounds too good to be true, but our customers know that it’s achievable with help from OC Turf. However, what many people don’t initially realize is that artificial grass is great for outdoor activities, offering you better durability and versatility than natural grass or hardscapes. Here are just a few of the ways that you can enjoy your synthetic turf landscaping this summer.

Enjoy Water Activities

One of the biggest benefits of having artificial grass in the summer is its highly efficient drainage capabilities. We install all of our synthetic turf products with a drainage underlayer that allows it to flush away water at a rate of more than 30 inches per hour per square yard. So, enjoy your water balloons, Super Soakers, Slip ‘n’ Slides, and sprinkler runs. No matter what water activities you want to use to cool down during a hot summer day, you can rest assured that your lawn will remain perfectly green and dry quickly with synthetic turf landscaping. There’s no need to worry about broken grass blades getting tracked in the house, mud patches ruining clothing, or surface flooding killing your lawn.

Practice Your Putting Game

If your ideal summer day includes practicing some leisurely golf from the comfort of your own backyard, synthetic turf is perfect for your home. Our custom artificial grass putting greens replicate the look and feel of real bentgrass, giving you an authentic, PGA-level practice session. No matter how big, small, or awkwardly-shaped your yard space is, custom artificial grass putting greens can be incorporated into any available outdoor landscaping. Best of all, you never need to worry about mowing your putting green to keep it in top shape. Synthetic grass never grows, fades, or dies, so your putting green will always perform to the same standard as the day it was installed. 

Relax Poolside

What better way is there to cool off during summer than by taking a dip in the pool? Whether you want to enjoy nonstop cannonballs or relaxed poolside lounging, synthetic grass is perfect for your pool deck. Its impressive drainage rates keep it dry and more sanitary, and the traction that turf offers over hardscapes makes it safer for running and playing. We also offer TigerCool artificial turf products, which have innovative heat-reflective technology that allows it to stay up to 15 percent cooler than other synthetic grass products. Where hardscapes such as brick and stone can become dangerously hot during peak temperatures, synthetic grass stays cool and comfortable for poolside lounging.

If you’re ready to amp up your summer with synthetic grass, call OC Turf & Putting Greens today. We offer more than a dozen varieties of artificial grass and market-leading installation supplies that guarantee you the best lawn on the block. We never cut corners, offering nothing but 5-star service to our Southern California neighbors time and time again. To find out more about our synthetic turf installation services or to receive a free estimate, give us a call today at (888) 526-2289.