Why Kids Love Artificial Grass Landscaping!

If you spend enough time in Irvine, you’ll notice that many families are choosing to replace their natural grass lawn with synthetic turf. Artificial grass has multiple advantages over natural grass, especially for families with children. As a top installer for artificial grass in Orange County, we know why kids of all ages love synthetic turf.

It Can Integrate Fun Activities

Synthetic turf is highly customizable and can integrate all kinds of fun features into its design. For example, we specialize in installing professional-grade putting greens that are perfect for both experienced golfers and those new to the game. You can easily introduce your children to your favorite sport without having to drive out to the golf course. Other features like in-ground trampolines and sports fields are also easy to add to an artificial turf lawn, giving kids endless hours of fun outside.

It’s Extremely Safe to Play On

When professionally installed, artificial grass will not develop the holes or bumps that can occur on a natural grass lawn that’s heavily used. These holes or lifts could cause a child to fall or twist their ankle, but the resilience of synthetic turf minimizes this risk. Additionally, the infill used to keep turf blades standing upright provides a softer surface than soil, which can easily dry out and harden during the hot months of summer. Artificial turf play areas also feature an IPEMA-certified foam underlayer and can protect kids from impact injuries caused by falls up to 10 feet high.

It Helps Prevent Allergies & Discomfort

Hay fever or grass allergies can keep a child inside when they’d rather be out playing. Natural grass produces pollen as part of its reproductive cycle, which can trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive children. This can lead to runny noses, watery eyes, sneezing, and even hives. Artificial turf, however, is made from synthetic polyethylene materials that don’t produce pollen. While pollen can still end up on the turf from other plants nearby, you can easily wash it away with a garden hose, creating a safer and healthier environment for your kids. Synthetic grass is also resistant to mold and mildew, two irritants that can also provoke children’s allergies.

Additionally, because artificial turf never grows or catches diseases, it doesn’t need to be treated with fertilizers or pesticides. This means that your children won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals just from playing on your lawn. We only use artificial turf products that are non-toxic and lead-free to ensure the health of your family.

It Makes Chores Easy

Any parent can tell you how hard it is to get kids to do their chores. Luckily, the low maintenance requirements of an artificial grass lawn can take the stress out of getting them to clean up outside. Synthetic turf only needs to be quickly rinsed every few weeks and occasionally cross-brushed to rebloom turf blades and de-compact infill. This means that it’ll be easier to get your children to help you around the house and yard.

If you’re looking for the best kid-friendly landscaping solution in Irvine, you need not look further than OC Turf & Putting Greens. We’re the trusted source for installing artificial grass in Orange County, and we use some of the best turf products on the market to ensure a perfect job every time. Give us a call at (888) 526-2289 to discover our synthetic grass options and receive a free estimate today.

The Best Artificial Grass Products for Pet Owners

Homeowners across Laguna Niguel are switching to artificial turf for their home’s landscaping, and with good reason. Synthetic grass is a low-maintenance, attractive solution for your home’s lawn, especially if you have pets. Long considered the bane of a beautiful backyard, your furry friends will no longer be a threat to your pristine landscaping. Specialized turf products such as infill and deodorizers ensure that your green space is beautiful all year long while simultaneously protecting your pet and enhancing their outdoor playtime.

Pet Turf

As the trusted source for artificial grass in Orange County, OC Turf & Putting Greens offers a specialized Pet Turf that is designed for pet owners. Produced by TigerTurf, Pet Turf is made from the same durable polyethylene materials as other types of synthetic grass, with a one-inch blade height that balances a realistic appearance with resilience. The individual turf blades are made in a three-dimensional “W” shape, allowing them to spring back into place after being stepped on. The triple tuft binding also keeps the blades securely connected to the turf’s backing at all times, so your pet can’t rip out grass blades like they would with natural sod. Capable of draining 28 inches of rain per hour per square yard, Pet Turf can easily dispose of your pet’s waste with proper rinsing. This means that your dog can run, play, and go to the bathroom on your synthetic turf just as they would with a normal grass lawn, but they’ll have a much harder time damaging it.

Odor-Neutralizing Infill

The best thing to pair with pet turf is the right kind of infill. Pet urine is high in ammonia, which leaves behind an unpleasant smell after it dries out. At OC Turf & Putting Greens, however, we offer two specialized types of infill that can capture and neutralize the ammonia before it reaches your nose: Durafill and Zeolite Max. Durafill is made from silicon dioxide granules, while Zeolite Max is made from zeolites. Both of these brands are non-toxic and serve as an excellent infill solution for any lawn, keeping turf blades standing upright and preventing them from matting. Whenever a pet goes to the bathroom on your turf, the infill captures the ammonia molecules, preventing unwelcome odors from forming. By picking up solid waste and giving the area a quick rinse, you can disperse pet urine with ease and keep your lawn looking and smelling pristine.

Turf Deodorizer

Whether or not you use a pet-neutralizing infill, we always recommend purchasing a deodorizer product like Pet Fresh to remove urine smells and other foul odors. Pet Fresh is an organic spray solution that removes the smell of pet urine as well as any other lingering odors in artificial turf. Rather than masking the smell with fragrances, Pet Fresh uses organic enzymes to neutralize odor-causing bacteria at the source. Pet Fresh is a non-toxic odor eliminator, so you and your pet can continue to use your lawn shortly after it’s been applied.

Are you thinking of getting a synthetic turf lawn for your pet? OC Turf & Putting Greens is the premier installer of artificial turf in Orange County. We’ve served Laguna Niguel and the surrounding area since 2004, earning the trust of our customers by providing high-quality installations and using the most advanced synthetic grass products on the market. If you’d like to learn more about our pet turf products or get an installation estimate, give us a call today at (888) 526-2289.