Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air! The month of March brings us fleshly bloomed flowers and an array of beautiful color schemes. Spring gives us time to start anew, whether it’s redecorating or giving your home a new flair. With artificial turf, you can create a uniform landscape that allows you to be creative and give your home that modern look you’ve been looking for.

Artificial turf provides a sustainable, elegant and dependable landscape alternative that will enhance any home, business, or playscape! At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we provide all of our customers with the best artificial turf products in the industry. With over 20 synthetic grass products in our inventory, it is our duty to supply you with the perfect turf option for your landscape area!

From Spring to Fescue color combinations, we ensure that your synthetic grass lawn will not only enhance the beauty of your home, it will create the standard for your neighborhood landscaping projects.

Our OC Turf crew guarantees that you will love your new synthetic grass lawn. All of our products are non-toxic and lead free, creating a safe landscape for kids and pets to play freely! It is our duty to provide our customers with a beautiful and reliable surface that will last your for years come!

Daylight Savings & Enjoying Turf

The month of March brings back the later sunsets that we’ve missed so dearly. Now with daylight savings rapidly approaching, it’s time to enjoy your synthetic grass lawns for longer! A synthetic grass lawn creates a fun, safe and enjoyable landscape for families and pets. Whether you like to kick back or enjoy an active lifestyle with your family and friends, artificial turf allows you to take the time to appreciate your lawn and the people around you!

Now that we’ve got daylight for longer, you can enjoy a wide variety of activities outside in the yard. Here’s some fun things you can do as we say hello to longer sunlight.

If you enjoy hosting parties and get togethers, use your artificial turf as a beautiful setting for all your hosting. Have some friends over for an outdoor dinner party that is void of bugs and mud. Your turf is going to keep allergies away and make all those selfies look picture perfect.   

If it has been a while, call up some family members for a weekend barbecue. Get outside with your family, kids, and relatives and enjoy the sun and the grass at the same time. Dad can barbecue in a great setting. Moms can enjoy her glass of wine while lounging in a fantastic landscape. Kids can play both allergy and mud free all day long. It’s the perfect use of the extended sun and the turf.

You can spend more time outside with all your furry friends. When it gets dark early, playing fetch with your dogs seems bleak, dark, and ultimately unfulfilling. You can’t even see the ball, much less throw it. Now that the sun is out again, you can come home from work to a pet friendly landscape that allows for you to play and appreciate your puppy on a turf product that’s safe, reliable, and always beautiful.

Before daylight savings, you had to wait for the weekend to practice your putting, but now we have the sun again! You can get outside on the green and get weekend golf ready right after work. No more waiting and no more golfing in the dark. You’ll be the most prepared person on the course on Saturday because you took advantage of the sun!

With a synthetic grass lawn you can finally enjoy your weekends at home without the worry of weekly maintenance. From backyard barbecues to sunbathing, take advantage of the extra sunlight and go out and enjoy your artificial grass lawn. No need to worry about an uneven play area for kids and pets. Enjoy the benefits having a beautiful, safe and durable landscape that allows you to entertain and create memories with loved ones!

At OC Turf and Putting Greens, we provide our homeowners with the safest, plushest and most durable synthetic grass products in the industry. It is our duty to provide the finest synthetic grass installations and best customer service possible.