What is Drainage and How Does it Work?

Though we haven’t seen much rainfall in Southern California this season, many homeowners are looking to prevent the potential flooding of their yard should the occasion arise. Because of this, we work with products built to help any home stay dry and clean!

Unlike a natural lawn, artificial grass has a built in drainage system within the turf backing. Your current lawn is littered with puddles, mud, and standing water that attracts unwanted insects. It can only drain so much. Through light rains and rain storms, the perforated backing of synthetic grass actually allows it to drain about 30+ inches of rain per square yard per hour – that is better than your natural lawn!

Having a great drainage system also helps to prevent any buildup of bacteria underneath your grass. It keeps your installation looking new for years to come. Whether you are working to combat mud, bugs, flooding, or just wondering if your dogs business is going to be take care of, you can be rest assured that artificial grass has the drainage capabilities necessary to combat all your concerns.

At OC Turf and Putting Greens, we take pride in providing our homeowners with the safest and most durable synthetic grass products on the market. Make the switch to synthetic grass today so you can keep your lawn hassle free!

3 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Turf

We want to celebrate by talking about the lowest maintenance “date” you’ll ever have – artificial grass! Switching to artificial turf saves you time, water and money so it’s basically a whole package. Though there are a multitude of reasons why people absolutely LOVE artificial turf, we’re going to break down the top 3 reason so you can learn to love your turf too.

#1: Loving turf helps you love your home.

Artificial grass can be used to add that realistic pop of green, providing you with a landscape you can truly love. When other people see how much you’re loving it, they’re going to love it too so watch out!

#2: The people you love are also going to love it.

Parents and pet owners find that kids and pets can run free and play to their heart’s content on its durable but realistic surface. No harmful chemicals. No bugs. No eating dirt. No fertilizer. Just a safe place for your furry family members and your kids to love together.

#3: The environment loves turf too.

Our environmentally savvy friends love that our turf loves the environment right back! It conserves water, there’s no need for pesticides as bugs are not an issue. No need for fertilizers in the runoff water since you’re not trying to keep it green. No mowing to pollute the atmosphere. Just a perfect green lawn for you and the earth to love.

At OC Turf and Putting Greens, we take pride in our artificial turf installations. Our products are backed by a 15 year warranty, ensuring you love your new artificial turf and guaranteeing that your lawn will love you back for YEARS to come! If only all relationships were this simple.

The days of mowing, watering, fertilizing and paying expensive maintenance and service fees are over! So, tell us, what are your reasons for loving synthetic grass?