3 Ways Your Artificial Turf is Helping the Environment

Many homeowners have their own set of hesitations when it comes to switching to an artificial lawn. You might think it looks unrealistic or that it’s not going to work for you. Whatever your reasons may be, we want homeowners to know that not only has the technology made turf look more real than ever, it also saves you time and money all while being beneficial to the environment.

Switching to artificial turf helps lower water consumption rates by an exceptional amount. Did you know that in East Orange County, 98% of water consumption is residential. Irrigation systems in your household are contribute up to 60% of that consumption. An average of about 138 gallons of water are used per resident every day. Not only can you be helping to save water in our community, which is always at risk for water shortages, you’ll also be saving a lot of coin on that water bill.

In comparison to a natural lawn, artificial turf aids in the benefit of our ecosystem through environmental advantages. Did you know that mowing your natural lawn emits toxic compounds into the atmosphere? On top of that, running your lawn mower produces the same amount of pollution as driving your car 100-200 miles and responsible for 5% of the United States pollution. A synthetic grass lawn helps in the reduction of fossil fuels and helps reduce our environmental impact every single day.

Lastly, turf allows you to get rid of harmful fertilizers. With your natural lawn, you need to use fertilizers in order to keep it green. If you switch to artificial grass, you avoid fertilizers altogether. When it rains, the fertilizers you use on your lawn runs off into the drains and drains often lead into our water. You can completely eliminate the possibility of toxic runoff into oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams simply by making the switch.

At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we provide you with the safest and most reliable synthetic grass products on the market. All of our synthetic grass products are lead free, U.V. resistant, safe for pets and children and backed by a 15 year warranty. If you want to help the environment and make a difference without all the effort, give us a call.

3 Reasons Why Your Artificial Lawn Needs an Upgrade

Now that the new year has arrived, it’s time to think about the upgrades you can make around the house! At OC Turf & Putting Greens, we’ve pinpointed some reasons why you shouldn’t forget about upgrading your lawn.

No More Mowing

Say goodbye to the days of mowing your lawn on your weekends. Artificial turf’s low maintenance qualities allows homeowners to enjoy their yards! No more labor intensive chores that can take hours. Don’t let the burden of a real grass lawn ruin your weekends… get them back with lush, realistic turf!

No More Mud

With a synthetic grass lawn, puddles and mud will cease to exist! After rainy days, there’s nothing worse than puddles in your front of backyard. And with the mud comes a unwanted visitation of bugs. The mud eventually starts making its way into your household with kids or pets and trust us when we say they bugs are going to come with it. Get rid of those problems altogether when you choose artificial grass.  

Durable and Safe

Not only is artificial turf low maintenance, it’s a durable and safe landscape for kids and pets! All of our products at OC Turf & Putting Greens are non-toxic and lead free, creating a fun and safe landscape for your little ones and your furry family members.

Upgrading your landscape is always a fun and creative way to create a beautiful and unique environment for your home. An artificial turf lawn is a low maintenance landscape alternative that will last you for years to come.