Let’s Talk Blade Shapes

When choosing the right synthetic grass lawn, it is important to understand the factors that contribute to the best experience for your particular situation. One of the most important factors is determining which blade shape works best for you. Aside from face weights and pile heights,  blade shapes also help determine levels of durability the turf can endure. At OC Turf & Putting Greens we feature 5 different and amazing options that will work for any landscaping area.

Our Diamond Series features a 3D “W” fiber that acts as a memory foam. As one of our most popular lines, the Diamond’s curvy “W” shape bounces back to it’s original form almost immediately! For active to heavy foot traffic levels, the 3D “W” fiber is the choice to go for any landscape installation.

The Omega blade shape is featured on our Everlade Series and Pet Turf. This one of a kind shape was meant for high levels of foot traffic and extreme durability. If you have any pets and kids running around, this is the perfect blade shape for your installation.The Majestic and Marquee series feature a Diamond de-lustered blade shape that is capable of constant traffic depending on its face weight. The lighter face weights would work best for a front yard with moderate levels of foot traffic. Lastly, the Sierra series feature two products with a strong “S” blade that acts as a spring that supports intermediate to consistent levels of activity.

Remembering to take these blade shape characteristics into consideration will allow you to enjoy your synthetic grass lawn to the fullest extent!