Start Your Summer Right with an Artificial Grass Pool Deck

With the summer quickly approaching and all the kids at home, having a backyard swimming pool for the family to enjoy is a saving grace. Whether you’re installing a new in-ground pool in your Laguna Niguel home or are just looking for a way to elevate the appearance of an existing one, artificial grass pool decking is a popular solution due to its aesthetic appeal and low-maintenance durability.

Don’t Worry About Maintenance

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners are switching to artificial grass is because of the extremely low maintenance requirements. Whereas natural grass requires daily watering, weekly mowing, and regular fertilizing or re-sodding, artificial grass allows you to eliminate all of these hassles. Don’t worry about using gas-powered tools or toxic chemicals too close to your pool water ever again! Synthetic turf is made of a polyethylene material that remains vibrantly green and the perfect height all year long without landscapers. Simply rinse down your grass every once in a while to remove dust or debris, and you’re good to go! And since turf grass can’t turn brown, your kids running around the pool is no longer a landscaping nightmare. Let your kids and pets run free while you stay worry-free with an artificial grass pool deck.

No Broken Blades or Flooding

Having natural grass too close to your backyard pool can be a nightmare, with kids tracking wet grass blades and mud into the house after they’re done playing. With synthetic turf, however, this is a worry of the past. Our artificial grass products are highly durable and resistant to pull force, so you won’t find any broken blades in the house or the pool. Synthetic turf also eliminates the need for soil, rather using infill as a blade filler, so there’ll be no more muddy feet or paws. Artificial grass is installed with an ultra-efficient drainage system as well, so you’ll never experience the surface flooding that you’re likely familiar with if you have natural grass around your pool. Our synthetic turf drains at a rate of more than 30 inches per hour per square yard, so no amount of splashing or cannonballing is too much for turf to handle. Your kids’ outdoor playtime doesn’t have to be messy when you switch to a synthetic turf pool deck for your Laguna Niguel home.

Enjoy Enhanced Safety & Comfort

Other popular pool deck surfaces, such as brick or concrete, have their own set of flaws. They can be extremely hot to the touch during the summer, and they become slick, dangerous slipping hazards when wet. Artificial grass, however, provides enhanced safety and comfort over these alternatives while eliminating the hassles associated with a natural grass pool deck. Synthetic turf products are naturally cooler on bare feet than stone options, and we even offer TigerCool turf products that are created with UV-inhibiting technology. This technology allows TigerCool products to stay up to 15% cooler than other synthetic turf varieties, so your pool deck is noticeably cooler and more comfortable underfoot. The traction provided by synthetic grass also makes the pool deck area safer than hardscapes, so you can rest assured that your kids are better protected when they ignore your command to stop running near the pool.

If you want to start your summer right with a Laguna Niguel backyard unlike any other, call OC Turf & Putting Greens. Our artificial grass products will transform the look of your backyard and enhance your property value while lowering your routine maintenance. The vibrant greenery of synthetic turf will perfectly complement the appearance of your backyard swimming pool and provide a safe and comfortable place for the kids to play all summer long. To learn more about our artificial grass products or to receive a free installation estimate, give us a call today at (888) 526-2289.