AllPlay Poly Putt 2-Tone

Recommended Use: Putting Green
Main Application: Landscape
Color: Field Green / Olive Green

Main Advantage:

  • Designed to truly replicate grass
  • A .375 inch blade height helps to achieve a natural appearance
  • Uniquely formulated polyurethane coated backing
  • Not water soluble
  • Heat and frost resistant
  • UV stabilized
  • No harmful environmental effects
  • Non-flammable, ant-acid yarn resistant to chemical attack

Yarn Characteristics:

  • Type: Texturized Polypropylene
  • Composition/Structure: Polypropylene
  • Denier: 5,200
  • Color: Field Green / Olive Green

Manufactured Rolls:

  • Width: 12 ft.
  • Length: 305 ft.
  • Shipping Weight: 2708.4 lbs.
  • Roll Diameter: 24 in.
  • Total Product Weight: Approx. 106 oz. sq./yd.

Additional Info:

Recommended Maintenance: Rinse and groom as needed to limit matting

Drainage Rate: 28 inches of rain per hour per square yard

Turf Characteristics:

  • Pile/Face Weight: 20 oz.
  • Pile Height: .375 in.
  • Machine Gauge: 3/16 in.

Backing Characteristics:

Primary Backing 1

  • Composition/Structure: K29 Dual Layered Non-Expansive Backing
  • Weight: 7.3 oz. sq./yd.
  • Finish Coating: Polyurethane 20 oz. sq./yd.


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